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Mt. Olympus, home of the gods, 




Herakles was many things. A giant of a man, girded about with a strength that had challenged the world itself to contain, conqueror of innumerable impossible tasks(innumerable only to him, admittedly, whose education hadn't got very far in mathematics before his accidental murder of  his mentor Chiron the wise), faithful guardian of Olympus, even an accomplished landscaper. But he wasn't good with making complex judgements on the fly.


He rubbed his stubbled jaw with a hand easily big enough to contain both Scions' heads with room to spare, frowning in concentration. "She," he pointed a finger big as a sausage at the other Scion, "is not a god, but you want her to become one? And then go back to her world? After she's become divine and then needs mortal say-so to go back?"


"Yeah!" The Scion from the other Earth looked indignantly at Moira "You never said anything about this 'Pact', when the Erebus-!" She blinked at the unfamiliar word "What? Why can't I say Erebus?"


"Beats me," Herakles shrugged, leaning against the mighty gates leading into the celestial domain, "she's under Apollo's eye, I'd have figured he'd say something before you two got here."


A mortal would have been dwarfed by the colorful portal and its gaily-painted doors. Next to the older demi-god it looked almost awkwardly small.

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Herakles was not the first person Edone imagined seeing. But here he was, in the godly flesh. The last time she saw him was in a haze. Some debauched god party. Maybe it was for the best that she didn't remember it. They did a lot of 'deeds' while on Olympus. You owe one god you probably just got added to a long list of them. She absolved her deeds when she left for the life less epic.


"Yeah, that whole 'Pact' thing," she winced, remembering the complicated matters of the magical types shoving extradimensional entities out. The grand scheme of things was to keep the reality breakers out of the dimension. Though they had to lock the door on the others too. "To tell you the truth, I never studied too hard on that." She clinched the bridge between her nose, "ok I though it was for only true godborn. Like people receiving their powers from a god were free to go back and forth." She looked up at at Herakles with a smile, "you would know. Half human guy, granted godhood."

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"Yeah, I mean, that's how it is on paper," Herakles rubbed his jaw again, looking hopelessly out of his depth, "but it's a different thing in practice. Not to mention how if she eats ambrosia and drinks nectar from here she's gotta abide by the rules for here, it's a...uh..."


Herakles' forehead creased like terrain deforming under erosion. "...I dunno, but it's not what you call feasible without severe changes to the program." He looked skeptically at Other!Scion "You got gods back where you're from? You were kinda vague there."


"We have people who call themselves that. Me included. I had a vision when my powers activated and I became a paragon, it looked kind of like this mountain and a big guy and a...big girl told me said I was their child and to protect humanity." Other!Scion shrugged "I just though it was from the concussion, then when I learned of the Imageria, this kind of big imagination-land, I found I'd gone there. But it's just stories and things people made up, it's not real." She poked Herakles in his uncovered side, whistling as her finger didn't even dent the slab of muscle "Now that's pretty real."


"I just dunno about this, Edone, it's not like her world is the same as ours." The god of strength hadn't even noticed the touch, turning to Scion as he said "But this Scion's got followers, at least? People who can and will call on her for help? Will they do that?"


Other!Scion shrugged "Usually. Like the rest of the Pantheon I have some rituals set up to make sure people only call for important things or if they're at least kinda rich."


Herakles shot a look at Scion that said I have more concerns, but aloud only replied "I'll let you through, Edone and...other Edone? But steer clear of Hermes and keep this short and sweet."


Setting his shoulder to the gate, Herakles shoved hard, opening the way up a gentle green slope amid towering, jagged boulders threaded through by an even white marble stair, winding around the titanic buildings jutting from the mountainside. Halls and courtyards, agoras and gardens teeming with the servants of the Olympiad. Beasts and beast-folk, humans from ages reaching from the present day to the distant past, all aglow with divine power. Birds of a thousand colors darted and chirruped among ageless forests thick with game, wolves ran like grey shadows among the stones far away, and darker shadows lurked in deep caves whose mouths yawned at times perilously near the path to the summit.


Other!Scion didn't look at Moira, but grabbed her hand and swallowed hard.

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