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so I messed up and plopped a Character into the Character Bank before here. I edited it twice and still messed up somehow. So here is edit number 3.

SO without further ado I give you


Dr. Gloom

Player Name: Chubbyninja28
Character Name: Dr. Gloom
Power Level:10 (150/150PP)
Trade-Offs: none

In Brief: Son of a super villain trying to use his inheritance for good. Wielder of strange, custom devices that cause acute onset of severe and debilitating depression.

Alternate Identity: Dr. Edgar Wilhelm Hoffenstad II
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Freedom City
Occupation: Psychiatrist/Psychologist
Affiliations: none
Ericia Hoffenstad(mother) 
Dr. Edgar Wilhelm Hoffenstad I(father-deceased)
Claudia Jurdice Hoffenstad(older sister)
Age: 30 (DoB: Feb 14 1988)
Apparent Age: 30
Gender: M
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: deep, piercing green
Hair: sandy brown, short, and well kept

Out Of Costume:




In Costume: 



Power Descriptions:
Dr. Gloom uses two signature weapons designed by his father incorporating a special style of technology called Emotion Wave Emitter Technology. 
First is a rather small emitter gun that produces a series of radio waves and other oscillating electronic vibrations that act on certain lobes of the brain. These signals cause their unfortunate target to experience the following symptoms:
*Overwhelming Phisically Dabilitating Depression
*Nonviolent Sensory(audio and visual) Hallucinations
*Mild Abdominal Cramping
Effects of this weapon are not permanent, however they do last for some time depending on the administered dose of Emotion Waves.


The second weapon in the good doctor's arsenal is a belt that projects a five foot radius field of Emotion Waves with a similar effect to the gun, however; the effects are far more potent,but do not last as long.

One of the key factors in the EWET that makes it so effective is that for most of the technology's operation, it is completely silent.



Edgar II was born on Valentines day to his parents, Ericia and Edgar I in Freedom city hospital, though I believe Ericia would have preferred chocolates over a baby. Regardless of the holiday and proper gifts, Edgar II was loved all the same. While Edgar's family was not well to do, they had little to no financial trouble, mostly due to Edgar I being of sound mind, capable hand, and shrewd wallet. Edgar II grew into a fine young man with a good head on his shoulders, surpassing the wishes of his parents in grade and in demeanor, graduating his private schools with honors and with more than a few scholarships. Though his family was a large part of his life and a large portion of his inspiration to achieve greatness, the older he became the less Edgar saw his mother and father. Claudia had shouldered most of the inter family responsibility of caring for her younger sibling, Edgar II had even gotten her a mother's day card once as a not so subtle joke.The years flew by and Edgar was well into his college studies when the news of his father came through the telephone lines, almost causing an abrupt halt to a rather promising future career. It was lung cancer, and it was quite advanced, and as it was, not Edgar II's chosen field of study. Protests from his sister, mother, and finally father convinced him to stay on track and in school. Edgar II never got to say goodbye to his father who passed peacefully in his sleep two years after his diagnosis. Edgar I's will was rather short, leaving his home to his family, his prized accordion to his brother Heinz, and a key card with an address and message for Edgar.


4640 Ridden Blvd
Wait till after college.


The funeral was tasteful and brief, as per Edgar I's request. However, it seemed far too short for Edgar II's liking, as it gave him far too much time to ponder about his inheritance. Edgar II's studies, however demanded his attention and after what seemed like an eternity, finally ended with a doctorate in Psychology and Psychiatry, a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, and a family photo, one member shy.Now with school complete Edgar II had nothing but time to consider the purpose of his inheritance, and an ever mounting student debt to pay off. Edgar II chartered a taxi to take him to the address on the note and watched the city around him grow darker and more corrupted the closer the driver became. Edgar II asked the taxi driver at one point if the doors were locked and the cabby just laughed.

"If they wanted you bad enough, a locked door wouldn't keep them out."

Finally they arrived at 4640 Ridden Blvd, an abandoned and collapsed apartment complex, complete with destitute beggars and squatters.

"Why on earth would my father send me here?" Edgar thought. He paid the driver to stay put, the cabby took his payment with a rather noticeable drop in his peppy attitude. As Edgar II crossed the street and neared the crumbling apartment complex, he heard an ever so faint beeping. the closer he came to the building the louder the noise became. the source of the noise became self evident as he set foot on the sidewalk, it was the key card.

"Key cards don't beep," Edgar II thought as he examined the now flashing and beeping card, "how is it beeping?" Edgar II replace the card in his pocket and began to walk back to the cab, and the beeping began to die. Edgar stopped and pulled the card back out and walked closer to the building, stopping on the remainder of a stoop. The card's beeping had become a high pitch whine and the light now filled the card revealing "B2" in glowing green letters. With a gulp and some self reassurance, Edgar proceeded in.

Edgar followed the broken staircase down to the basement level, but discovered only one appartment, B1. Suddenly the keycard flew from Edgar's hand slapping against the far wall. A pulse of green light illuminated the mortar of the brick wall. Dust pufed from the corners of the wall followed bay a mechanical thud, Edgar was froze, trying to decide wether to run or not. The wall fell back revealing a rivited metal wall with a simple wooden door with B2 burned into it's name plate. Edgard proceeded inside.

At first pitch black darkness, then the humming of tubes and generators slowly coming to life. The room was illuminated by dim overhead lighting and a soft green glow emminating from just out of sight. On the walls were newspaper clipping of various crimes and captures, pages of Scientific American, and a random assortment of cook book pages. A large cylinder stood in the middle of the room blocking Edgar's view of the source of the green glow, a position that edgar changed as if he was in a trance. He paused before he made the final steps to reveal the light source as a newspaper clipping caught his eye. It was a birth announcement from the local paper, not just any announcement, but his own.
"What on Earth.." Edgar said aloud the loud clacking of an old film projector seemed to answer, causing Edgar to spin around and face the cylinder.

A close up projection of edgar's father's face appeared on the wall of the cylinder, it smiled and spoke in a grainy recorded sound.

"Hello Edgar. If you are listening to me now then you have graduated college and I am dead. If either of those are wrong then I must be talking to someone else. I will continue as though that isn't the case. What you find in this place is your true inheritance and my legasy. I'm sure you wondered, at least by now, why I was always so secretive about my job and why my practice was always so empty..." The projection switched from the wall of the cylinder to the ceiling.
"Now bear witness to the fruit of my labors, and the true face of your father for I am," The walls of the cylinder opened from the origin of the green light revealing a black suit and an array of small electronic devices. Edgar's father's voice deepened and took on a thicker, garbled, German accent as it said, "Doctor Gloom." 

Edgar felt a cold chill climb his spine, no wait, it wasn't his spine, it was his stomach. Edgar looked down and his shirt looked as though it was rippling. 

"You were just exposed to a leathal dose of Emotion Waves." Edgar's father said in his normal voice, his face projected on a near by wall now, "If you weren't my son, whoever you are, you would most likely be, well, dead. If you are in fact my son, congradulations on surviving. I have much to explain."

For the next hour or so edagr's father regailed him with the function of Emotion Wave Technology, the history of his monicure Doctor Depresso, and the fact that he was the reason all of his past was walled away in this place. Edgar I's speech ended with, "So choose, my son. Choose wisely what to do with my past, and neer forget that I love you. Goodbye."

Edgar wiped a tear from his eye as the image of his father faded from existence and the clicking stopped. He examined the blueprints, the costume, and the equipment. Edgar made his decision at that moment. Finding a breifcase on the floor of the cylinder, Edgar loaded everything he could carry and from the display and left the room. The wall returned to it's previous position and the card shot across the room landing on the stairs, which Edgar promtly retrieved.

Edgar decided to reclaim his father's identity, not only that, but he would repair it. Emotion Wave Technology would become a force for good and would change the world for the better. 


The thugs leaned against the brick walls of the alleyway, waiting for their next potential customer. One near the mouth of the alley, the other two hiding behind a dumpster, armed just in case anything went wrong. A bus paused on it's route in front of the alley and the outer most thug though he caught a glimpse of someone standing on the other side of the street. The bus continued with a hiss and a rumble. The man was gone, the thug scanned the street with a quick glance. Clop, clop, clop came the sound of approaching boots. The outer most thug stepped out of the alley and was now face to face with Dr. Gloom. The thug stumbled back into the alley.
"Ay, yo what the.." the thug stumbled over his words.
"How eloquent you are," Dr. Gloom said, his garbled German voice causing the other two thugs to show themselves.
"Und here I thought all thugs ver ignorant." The thugs grouped together, drawing knifes for protection.
"I vill ask once to keep dis civil, tell me ze name of your supplier and you can all vaulk avay." Dr. Gloom drew his rather unintimidating EWE Phaser. "Resist and you vill regret leaving your beds zis morning. So please.." Dr. Gloom raised his hands in a half shrug, "resist."

The thugs began to lunge at the good doctor, but with a squeeze of the trigger, the knifes were dropped, as were the thugs. Wheezing through sobs and holding themselves, the thugs lay prone on the ground. Cries of mommy and other sentiments of regret filled the air. Dr. Gloom leans in and speaks to the closest thug.
"Life is so painful, isn't it mine freund. The mere thought of existing is almost too much, ja? I know a way to feel better. Just tell me who gave you zee drugs, ja?" Dr. Gloom gently stroked the sniffling thugs head, "It vill truly lift zee weight from your shoulders." The thug saw Dr. Gloom as a white glow in all the sorrow that was life at that moment.
"J-Jim-my Scotts," the thug choked out between sobs, "on fo-ou-rth street." the thug howled and collapsed into Dr. Gloom's arms. Dr. Gloom stared at the thug for a moment, then slid him off with a light thud as the thug curled into the fetal position on the ground. 
"It appears I am off to fourth street."



Powers & Tactics:

Dr Gloom can be a scrapper, but prefers to be at a medium distance when dealing with foes. He relies on his Emotion Wave Phaser as his primary weapon and bare hands as back up. The special belt he wears is only for emergencies or for when he is being physically overwhelmed.


Dr. Gloom has two major ways of dealing with evil doers. Convince them with his charm and fearsome presence that they would rather just leave than commit crime, or blast them, their friends, and their boss then leave them all in a sobbing heap to remember his name.



Identity: Secret
Motivation: Acceptance

Abilities: 35PP
Strength: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: 15 (+2)
Intelligence: 17 (+3)
Wisdom: 17 (+3)
Charisma: 17 (+3)

Combat: 16PP

Initiative: +3
Attack Bonus: Base +3,+4 Melee, +7 Ranged
Grapple: +4
Defense: Bonus +10 ( +5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -1

Saving Throws: 6PP

Toughness: +2/+5 (+0 Con)
Fortitude: +2 (+2 Con)
Reflex: +6 (+3 Dex, +3 Base)
Will: +4 (+3 Wis, +1 Base)

Skills: 56R = 14PP

Acrobatics +5 (+3)        
Bluff +5(+3)
Computers +5(+3)
Craft(electronics) +6(+3)
Diplomacy +9(+3)
Disable Device +6(+3)
Disguise +3(+3)
Escape Artist +7(+3)
Gather Information +6(+3)
Handle Animal +3(+3)
Intimidate +6(+3)
Investigate +6(+3)
Knowledge (Behavioral Science)+8(+3)
Knowledge (Technology)+4(+3)
Medicine +6(+3)
Notice +6(+3)
Search +3(+3)
Sense Motive +8(+3)
Sleight of Hand +7(+3)
Swim +1(+1)


Feats: 41PP

Attack Focus(ranged) 4
Dosge Focus 5
Eidetic Memory
Elusive Target
Evasion 2
Fearsome Pressence 6
Hide in Plain Sight
Improved Aim
Improved Disarm 6
Improved Grab
Improved Grapple
Improvised Tools
Precise Shot 2
Prone Fighting
Quick Change 2

Equipment: 9ep
Dr Gloom Helmet:
*Binoculars, Flash Goggles, Gas Mask, Night Vision Goggles, Target Scope, Videos Camera

Lock Release Gun 

Powers: 33PP

Emotion Wave Emitter Phaser (12pp)
 *Devise 3(Hard to lose, Cone Area 30ft )
      º Depression [emotion control 4]
      º Confuse 1
      º Limited: Organic Beings Only
      º Illusion 1

 Emotion Wave Emitter Belt (12pp)
*Device 3(Hard to lose, Burst 5ft radius)
    º Confuse 2
    º Depression [emotion control 3]
    º Illusion 2

*Immune to Emotion Wave Technology
    º Mental Effects
    º Emotion Effects



Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE          SAVE                      EFFECT  
Unarmed +3            Touch      DC 16 Toughness       Bludgeon
Confuse 1               Percept     DC 11 Will                  Mental     
Confuse 3               Percept     DC12  Will                  Mental     
Depression(ec3)     Percept     DC13 Will                  Mental     
Depression(ec4)     Percept     DC14 Will                  Mental     


Totals: Abilities (35) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (6) + Skills (14) + Feats (41) + Powers (43) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points



Edited by chubbyninja28
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