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Shakedown OOC


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Time to spring into action me thinks!


lets seee....i am no good at escape artist so im going to rule that one out at the moment.


instead i will turn, flick the rope and airquake it and dirk with maximum prejudice!




poor dirk! thats a DC30 +1 per 2 i exceed his defense by max of DC35 

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Dirk cant possibly manage that DC so he is out, and the rope is destroyed as per your wishes. 


If you wish, you may activate a complication in having your and dirks gas masks evaporate too (if you feel it suits Tek / his powers are not precise enough when bound in rope etc)

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Well now he's finished being mad, its time for him to be getting even i says! lets hop off the bike  and open up with a vibrolance straight through some of their junk to get their attention! (just gonna reck a line of automobiles or the like, assuming i don't need to roll to hit)



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Ok so there are twenty EWs, using the Thug archetye from Core Rules (with a few rather tedious skill modifications unlikelly to be of any relevance like survival skill and the assumption that a few of them have additional skills needed such as bomb making etc). 


Initiative: Initiative: 1d20+1 4


Round 1

13 - Tek - Unharmed - 2 HP

4 - EW [20]


We may not play this out strictly as combat as even combined they are not much of a threat but lets see how it plays out. 

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