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Moira Morley

Non/Semi Canon Fantasy

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You all meet in a tavern. You're there to help out other people for your own reason (glory, honor, gold, et cetera). You get tasked to go find some kidnapped people taken by monstrous things. And from there, the rabbit hole goes deeper.


Alright, looking for three or four people, five at most. The world I'm looking to present is another Earth in the multiverse. It will be mid fantasy. Magic is there but no Magimart. Elves, dwarves, shortfolk, and orcs are there. I'll be setting templates for those if you wish to play them. Magic, divine, and psychic powers are the sources for this world.


Characters outside of the means can be converted! Skills, feats, and other things that don't fit can be dropped or changed. Your fluff doesn't take a massive undertaking to change a few things. Everyone's power level will be normalized at 8.


Recruiting will start once i get my new rig next Friday (3 August). Anyone interested or have any questions?

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I have a PL7 Magmin that could fit there pretty easily. Or a PL9 armored minotaur who could easily fit with a few changes to Descriptors.

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How are we going to shift power levels? Easily.


+/-X toughness and defense. +/-X attack and effect. PL12s will get -4, while PL7s will get +1.


You will not lose or gain any power points. Understand?

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