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Glass and Gold (OOC)


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So Replica's going to see if she knows anything about Mr. Tweed by doing a cool online search about the man using her postronic brain. She has the Online Research feat so she's going to use Computers instead of Gather Information. And with Skill Mastery in Computers I believe she can take 10 and immediately a 25 without rolling. 

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Replica's going to use Computers again to see what happened to the lab Computers. She's using her Datalink power to do it because why not and Quickness to do it super quick. Like last time I'm using Skill Mastery to get a 25 on the check. 

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Thats enough to detect an odd drugged aroma to the rum! 


If you wish to fudge that roll and drink the rum (say, for instance, as a complication due to poor olfactory robotic senses, or just being completely ignorant about what that should taste like), feel free to do so. In any case, of course, being a robot, that rum will have no effect!

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Alright, Replica's going to use her Datalink power and the Machine Control feat to take control of the security cameras and see what they see, if that's possible. She once again has 25 with Skill Mastery using Computers. If security cameras fall under Disable Device than she has a 21. 

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