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Dancia stood to one side looking up at the statue, her eye covered by sunglasses as she was lost in thought.


“He’s been such an influence in my life, yet I never got to know him. On this Earth I’m the last survivor of his world, a link to the culture, yet I’ve never felt I’ve earned the right to use the name...” she paused to gather herself before continuing


“Not so long ago I got to visit an Earth where we must have arrived at the same time, they met and at some point fell in love. Katie is his daughter, with the other me, and as far as I know they died fighting to save that Earth. I wonder if they have a statue of her standing beside him?”

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"That would be kind of sweet," Casey said with a slight nod. Of course she'd read all about Centurion, both before and since her transformation, but she'd never felt the same sort of kinship with him at Tria did, perhaps for obvious reasons. She'd always looked to her father for inspiration, even if they didn't always agree on everything. Lots of things, it seemed these days.


Noticing the odd group in robes, the blonde heroine shaded her eyes as she used her amazing vision to get a closer look at them. "Is that some sort of church group of some kind...?"

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