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Violence is Golden

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You can make an untrained Knowledge (Pop CUlture) Roll


DC 10

You recognise the guy in a wheelchair as a quite famous music journalist and musician, but can't recall the details


DC 15

You recall his name as Felix Mossau, who writes for

Rock Report, the biggest selling rock / metal magazine in FC (and arguably USA...well, in this fictional universe!)

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As per chat, Shockwave DC 25


The rest of the band, and most of the equipment, is knocked back and unconscious / destroyed. 




Tough Save vs Shockwave: 1d20+2 21 MArcus is onlyl bruised. 


He will therefore stage dive towards Max, chainsaw in hand:CHAINSAW!: 1d20+4 8 missing!


Pulling out of combat right now, as Marcus is on the floor and his prized chainsaw guitar busted from the dive. 



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So sneak form!


Insubstantial 2 (10pp)

Protection 6 (6pp)

Flight 3 (50mph 500ft a round PF: subtle (silent) )(7pp)

Concealment 4 (visual, auditory and olfactory sense types flaw; passive) (4pp)

Array 11 ("windwaker") (23pp)

-BE: blast 10 ("air blasts" PF: Accurate 2 (+4)

-AE: Damage 10 ("shockwaves"; Area (Cone) 100ft



+10 toughness

Invisable, odourless, tasteless and silent

Flight 3

Blast 10 +10

Cone area damage 10 (general, 100ft)


Im gonna take 10 on stealth and get after him for 24 total on being sneaky wind person

Edited by Exaccus

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limited access to a PC so im posting this one last mimicry allocation that i intend to make a default one anyway.





. . Woolen (Power Setting) (Powers: Array 12, Elongation 4, Flight 4, Insubstantial 1, Protection 6, Useful fibres (Features 3), Web of threads (Super-Senses 7))
. . . . Array 12 (default power: snare)
. . . . . . Blast 10 (Array; DC 25; Accurate 2 (+4))
. . . . . . Damage 10 (Array; DC 25; Penetrating; Precise, Subtle (subtle))
. . . . . . Snare 10 (Default; DC 20; Engulf; Precise, Subtle (subtle))
. . . . . . Trip 10 (Array; Burst Area (50 ft. radius - General), Selective Attack; Range (touch); Precise, Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Elongation 4 (Elongation: 50 ft., range incr 40 ft., +4 Escape & Grapple)
. . . . Flight 2 (Speed: 50 mph, 500 ft./rnd; Gliding)
. . . . Insubstantial 1 (Fluid)
. . . . Useful fibres (Features 3)

Protection 6
. . . . Web of threads (Super-Senses 3) (analytical: Touch, tremorsense)


Edited by Exaccus

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Its a panic move it might not help but he's seen it done on the TV


Next im step out into the penthouse proper and use 2 for useful fibers kicks in! Gonna launch a near invisible thread to latch onto marcus and ariaddne him back to his lair! (Ala a mini tracer!) Bolt for the door and glide for the hospital, elongating as nesicary!

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Getting out of the closet could be difficult (bdum dum tish!)


Well, getting out unnoticed anyway. Are you stealthing it past Skulll or some other tactic?

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So thats all good, but the HQ here has a defence system!


Nauseate 5 and Lethal Damage 5 (Fort Save) effect as his organs and systems gets rearranged. Normally this would be rank 10 but given the nature of his mimicry (and hocus pocus magic stuff) lets half the effect!

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