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Alex felt a little bit somber, it was hard for him to watch someone gasping for air knowing it was him keeping them from it, the suffering, the gasping and clawing.


He hated it, hated that he'd done it even though he was pretty sure it was nessicary, she'd been sociopathic at worst and callous at best, if he'd let her go again she'd have hurt more people and destroyed more lives.


"Yeah." Facs said trying to keep the glumness from his voice as he spoke "guess thats that right?" He asked, rhetorically as he returned to flesh and blood, stooping to check that the unconcioud mistress of bones was breathing unhinderedly now she'd lost conciousness and he'd released his grasp on the air around her.


"Just need to make sure that the magic is in the staff before turning her over." He commented as his fingers touched the discarded implement and he took on its properties.


"You can take the key before i call the cops."

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Pixie quickly snatched up the wishbone as the strange perfusion of arcane and eldritch matter seeped into Fax. 


And one could only wonder what that meant...


"Awesomely Awesome!" grinned Pixie. "I have been dying to know what this does!" 


With complete and utter impatience, she clicked the wishebone into the puzzle box. 


Nothing happened. 


"What? Nothing?" she groaned, dissapointed. 


There was a whirr. 


Then a click. 


"Now that's more li----"


And then a sound unlike any sound one could imagine. A reconfiguration of dimensions more than four and less than one. 


An explosion of nothing. Everything rearranged itself to be a completely differently exactly the same...


And then...


Well, that's another story!


~ Fin??? ~


In other words, continued in....

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