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From the Diary of Sara Cognid (Translated from encryption, which consisted of a Vigenere cypher using the Illiad (Latin Translation) as a key, placed in railfence configuration and run once again through a Vigenere cypher using Canterbury tales in the original as a key.)

Today I moved into my new apartment. It's located in Midtown, and suits my needs nicely. It has a bed, bath, kitchenette, living room, good view, and most importantly an inefficient use of space. One of the walls is hollow, and a good 3 feet thick. I intend to make it into a storage space where I can store my suit, this diary, and any valuables I take before I can unload or launder them. I spent five hours walking through different buildings, looking for something like that space. The only problem with the apartment is the lack of good work facilities, after all, if the job interview I'm planning at ASTRO labs goes well I'll need a few bunsen burners to complete my pet project. Maybe I'll go renting some space elsewhere for my lab, and there are always the catalogs to stock it with equipment.

On the subject of the interview, I've picked out my disguise. Simple lab coat, a fake ID one of the local forgers whipped up for me (Not hard to find, just dropped by the local high school and "convinced" some jock to tell me where he got his spare drivers license), and a couple of colors of Cool-Aid to dye my hair. The suit's going in a briefcase, I hope there aren't bag checks, or I may have to start hurting people. And that would be terrible. One of them might sound an alarm or something.

In the meantime, I should start looking for allies. Watching the news I've decided to seek out Malice. He strikes me as useful given that first of all he had the expertise and intelligence to build a battlesuit and secondly he was able to escape from Captain Wonder. That and a battlesuit should be easy to find. It requires a certain level of wealth, knowledge, and parts. If I can cross reference all the men who can afford such things with all the men who have access to the knowledge and equipment to build devices of such a level and also with the purchases, directly or indirectly, of the most likely components starting from about a year and a half from the first sighting, I'm willing to bet I'll be looking at a fairly short list.

But I'm rambling, and it's almost 11. Got to get my beauty sleep.

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