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Shepherd the Flock (OOC)

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Feel free to have your characters in the camp either in or out of costume, with whatever reasons for being there that make sense to you. Let me know if you have any questions about the set-up!

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That's totally fine but give me a Stealth roll to see if you were able to gather those medical supplies without drawing attention to yourself or leading anything back to the camp! Also a Notice check. For reasons.

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Pinnacle is confident he would have noticed if he'd picked up a tail after leaving Trinity Hospital but he was also focused more on getting the supplies quickly than on not attracting attention. Seems like a good idea to keep an eye out for unwelcome guests!

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If Hernandez is Fatigued, mechanically speaking, Pinnacle will gladly spend the HP to remove that condition from our paramedic through the use of Leadership, it's just the kind of guy he is!

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Move action to move into melee range w/Omega Drone, Free Action to switch Array to Rank 1 Flight; Rank 4 Super Strength; Standard Action to initiate Grab.


Grapple attempt on Omegadrone [Acc Atk; +2/-2]: 1d20+7 [20]


If successful, an Opposed Grapple Check;


Opposed Grapple Check; 4R's SS Active [+24 Grapple]: 1d20+24 [43]

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Before we get to that let me get an initiative roll from everyone to hammer out posting order now that we're into the meat of things.

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Initiative: 1d20+4 12


Dragon Ram

Initiative: 1d20-2 10


15 - Dreadnought - Uninjured, 2HP

12 - Omegadrones

10 - Dragon Ram

8 - Pinnacle - Uninjured, 3HP

8 - Glamazon - Uninjured, 2HP

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Aaand now im not getting notifications about it. 

i'd like to charge and all out attack punch the dragon ram in its skeletal kisser!




DC37 Toughness save!


My effective Defense for this round is +0 or 10 total.

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That works Jander. I also just realized I misread your post Exaccus; I thought Dreadnought was attacking an Omegadrone rather than the ram! Adjusting for that:


Dragon Ram

Toughness Save vs DC 37: 1d20+20 28

That's enough to daze the Ram, effectively slowing it down so it remains 4 Turns From Camp.


I also need a DC 20 Toughness save from Dreadnought, @Exaccus since with his lowered defence that energy blast would hit.



Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 38

A mighty effort but not enough to beat Pinnacle's 43. That drone is grappled.


I'm posting IC for the Terminus forces now. Once that's up you can post in character, @Jander-Prime and after that Glamazon is up, @HG Morrison


15 - Dreadnought - Uninjured, 2HP, 10 Defence

12 - Omegadrones x3, Uninjured

12 - Omegadrone x1, Grappled

10 - Dragon Ram, Bruised x1

8 - Pinnacle - Bruised x1, 3HP

8 - Glamazon - Uninjured, 2HP

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