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Shepherd the Flock (OOC)


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Pinnacle is confident he would have noticed if he'd picked up a tail after leaving Trinity Hospital but he was also focused more on getting the supplies quickly than on not attracting attention. Seems like a good idea to keep an eye out for unwelcome guests!

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Move action to move into melee range w/Omega Drone, Free Action to switch Array to Rank 1 Flight; Rank 4 Super Strength; Standard Action to initiate Grab.


Grapple attempt on Omegadrone [Acc Atk; +2/-2]: 1d20+7 [20]


If successful, an Opposed Grapple Check;


Opposed Grapple Check; 4R's SS Active [+24 Grapple]: 1d20+24 [43]

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That works Jander. I also just realized I misread your post Exaccus; I thought Dreadnought was attacking an Omegadrone rather than the ram! Adjusting for that:


Dragon Ram

Toughness Save vs DC 37: 1d20+20 28

That's enough to daze the Ram, effectively slowing it down so it remains 4 Turns From Camp.


I also need a DC 20 Toughness save from Dreadnought, @Exaccus since with his lowered defence that energy blast would hit.



Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 38

A mighty effort but not enough to beat Pinnacle's 43. That drone is grappled.


I'm posting IC for the Terminus forces now. Once that's up you can post in character, @Jander-Prime and after that Glamazon is up, @HG Morrison


15 - Dreadnought - Uninjured, 2HP, 10 Defence

12 - Omegadrones x3, Uninjured

12 - Omegadrone x1, Grappled

10 - Dragon Ram, Bruised x1

8 - Pinnacle - Bruised x1, 3HP

8 - Glamazon - Uninjured, 2HP

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