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Crack the Anvil (OOC)

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Giving this a kick in the pants, sorry for letting it lag! Once the IC post is up for the Omegadrones Replica is up, @Cubismo!


20 - Replica - Uninjured, 2HP, Inspired +5

19 - Black Mamba - Uninjured, 2HP, Inspired +5

17 - Cannonade - Bruised, Dazed, 3HP

6 - Omegadrones x4, Uninjured

6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x1, Grappled

6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x1, Grappled

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I want to throw my Omegadrone into the construct...how much does it weigh, and how far is the construct? This apparently counts as a move action....Is that correct?

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Toughness Save vs DC 23: 1d20+11 24


We've cleaned up and clarified the grappling rules a bit in our House Rules. In this case the relevant part is:


If you take a Standard Action to grapple a foe, then you can then throw them as a Move Action on the same round (thus, Grappling and Throwing a foe is a Full Action). On subsequent rounds after you initiated the grapple, throwing the grappled foe is a Standard Action.


Between his Enhanced Strength and Super Strength Black Mamba should be able to throw the drone without any real trouble. If he's trying to hit the construction arm specifically give me an Attack roll using his ranged attack bonus, without the Attack Specialization bonus for his suit's weapons.

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I'm hoping just to hit the machine not the arm specifically. Just wanting to damage the Omegadrone and maybe the construct. I'll get you a roll in a couple hours.


Decided to go for throwing for the arm:

attack roll hits 27!


Forgot to include the +5 for Inspire so hit AC 32 then...time to start using power attack, thanks for the inspire!

Edited by Tarrakhash

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@Tarrakhash That definitely hits! Since this is effectively an improvised weapon we're looking at Black Mamba's Strength bonus (+10 in the armour) plus up to +2 for the amount the Toughness of the object (the Omegadrone) exceeds that Strength bonus (it has +12 Toughness so that's +2) which conveniently put the damage at +12 thereby meeting his PL 10 caps with a +8 attack bonus and this has been Math Fun with Gizmo.


Terminus Crane

Toughness Save vs DC 27: 1d20+15 26 It takes an injury; a little banged up but still functional.



Toughness Save vs DC 27: 1d20+11 22 Bruised and dazed!


Now, for @trollthumper:



Toughness Save vs DC 26: 1d20+12 32 Man, the dice are really giving Joe a rough time of it.

Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 25 That's more like it!


I need IC posts from each of you.


20 - Replica - Uninjured, 2HP

19 - Black Mamba - Uninjured, 2HP

17 - Cannonade - Bruised, 1HP

6 - Omegadrones x3, Uninjured

6 - Omegadrone, Grappled 

6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x1, Grappled

6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x2, Dazed

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