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Robots and Rangs


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And so, on a hot friday afternoon...


The Hanover institute was running a "Talent of the future" meeting, where whizz kids of the days to come could show off their wares and network. And possibly get snapped up by talent spotters. As so often the case, the organiser of this event, a Doctor Gilbert Ratchet, was more of a scientist than an organiser, and the event had been cobbled together at the last minute in a ramshackle way and was thus much more poorly attended than would have been desired. Still, it was a jolly old affair with fizzy pop and electric shocks for everybody. 


Doctor Ratchet was a white haired vigorous man with the thickest pair of glasses you could see who was full of enthusiasm, stuffed with smarts, and devoid of understanding. He was not navigating this event well, socially, but he was all smiles and keen. 


"Welcome, welcome!" he said to Mr. Edwards, who had somehow (through the chaos) got an invite. "Free fizzy pop inside, and some cherry bomb lollipops, I believe. And you can set up on stall number 8c. Do you have your inventions with you?". He was most interested, and completely untaken aback by Mr. Edwards enormous physique. It was, as far as he was concerned, irrelevant. Ones skull (or more precisely the contents within) where all the counted. 

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Being invited to one of these events confused Anthony. He was smart, yes. But he went to a school with some of the best and brightest. And he got the call? He was honored to say the least. Still, he didn't know the others here. They could be on his level or better. He just knew that he had a big showing. The Warp Rang. A super dense metal that could travel thousands of miles per hour. It would take larger quantities and more sleek ideas to get it truly ready. Here he just had a prototype. The box he'd brought it in was slightly dented, but it wouldn't get any more than that.


The call to come inside for drinks and suckers made him shake his head. Not that he'd totally quit sugar, but he'd done so sparingly in the past few months it was a surprise. "I'll pass, but yes, I do have my invention and study ready."

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"Warp rang? Warp rang?" mumbled Doctor Ratchet to himself, his fingers writhing around themselves as he contemplated the idea. "Why, that sounds most resplendent, Mr. Edwards! Most resplendent indeed!" he commented, quite excited. 


"Let me show you inside..."


And inside, about a dozen young men and women were setting up various contraptions of this type and another. Several stalls were unused, thanks to the shambolic organisation of the event. But there was excitement. And Mr. Edwards could indeed spot a few famous scientists, and a few famous businessmen eyeing up the talent. 


Mr. Edwards, it seemed, had stall 8c to set up. 


Stall 8b, his neightbour, was a striking young woman with dark black hair, thick rimmed nerd glasses perched on a pretty face, and some short blkack dress that sort of clashed with some outrageously big sneakers she was wearing. She was focussed intently on setting up some robotic contraption.


And was swapping envious and competative glances with stall 8a. Here, a tall gangly red headed man who had a certain pretty boy face, was mixing up some chemicals. His eyes looked as red as his hair, like he was sleep deprived or insane. 


Both gave Mr. Edwards a look as he entered, momentarily distracted from their rivalry to gawp at the giant at 8a, and more importantly, to see what he would set up!

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