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Okay, here's what you get: 

White Lioness: 

The crowd seems decidedly uneasy at the mention of the neighborhood police, and they're keeping their distance from the small police presence already on the scene. The fire brigade, just now setting up, doesn't seem to be attracting the same kind of unease. You're able to keep the crowd under control, but it's clear that there's something else going on here. 


Black Mamba: 

The fire proper is in the lower story of the house; it looks strange. You don't see any sign of where the fire started; it's as if it just sort of appeared all at once - but you'd have to do some more intense forensic investigation to figure that out. Hard to do when the place is in flames! You can hear noises from upstairs, so far shielded from everything but the smoke. But that's not really shielding at all! 


Let me know if you'd like an IC post with more info, @Tiffany Korta or @Tarrakhash!

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There are people upstairs! You can detect one group, huddled together, and one individual near the group, circling them. 


The house doesn't look very damaged at all, actually, which is also weird - a fire that has actually spread as far as this one should have done more damage to the house over time. It's as if the whole first floor went up at once. 



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