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So I've recently been considering turning Grimalkin into an NPC, and having her Sidekick the Shrike take my remaining PL10 spot; that way, they can still be a couple and appear together in vignettes and the like. I've come to the conclusion that while I still love Grim, her PL and ridiculous array of powers really make it hard to find good threads, and as she's maxed out, she has no room to grow. Are there any serious repercussions to me as a player if I retire my Titanium PC?

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As I understand it, there's literally no difference between a maxed out PC and a retired one, aside from what subforum they're filed in and the ability (or lack thereof) to earn PP for other PCs. So...Grim isn't taking up one of your slots, because she's maxed out and maxed out PCs don't take up slots anymore. I think.

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30 minutes ago, Tiffany Korta said:

As she's a Titanium character you don't need to retire her, she'll just remain around to be used when need be.


But then is she prohibited from appearing in threads with Gretchen? I'm thinking more social ones, not active combat/investigation ones.

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