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Emerald City Team-up: Danger, danger...

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You had mentioned Arcs of Electricity, so I just assumed it still presented a threat to either civilians, or it's occupants, so I just went with it.  If it's apparent it's about to explode or something as devastating I'll deal with it once the officer is clear.


Let me know if a Toughness check is called for, if the arcs are going to hit the officer, I'll spend a HP, for Interpose, and eat it so as to prevent further harm to them.

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If we assume Pinnacle takes a 10 on his Diplomacy check, that would give him a total of 25.  With that he could change Officer Kowalski's attitude from Unfriendly to Friendly, or Indifferent to Helpful.  Let me know if you wish me to roll though.


Just trying to get some information which would help make the next course of action clear.

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There's no way Electron is going to be able to beat that! I'm going to cheat a tiny bit a say she's not immobile yet, so that's a HP for you!


20    Emerald Spider        Unharmed    1hp

19    Electron                    Unharmed    GM

02    Pinnacle                   Unharmed    4hp 

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