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Freedom City's Finest: The Summer of Sixty... Eight

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Starbase Coffee, Freedom City
1st June 2018, 10:00 am


It wasn't often that you got to meet a namesake but sat across from Hypno-Hippie was one, Lucy S Diamond. When London was swinging in the sixties as well as being a hero she was hanging with all the big names including her fellow Liverpudlian the Beatles, though all involved denied (somewhat weakly)) that she inspired that song.


Despite the intervening years she still looked as stunning as ever dressed casually but still looking classy sipping on her coffee.


"Are you all right pet? Bit of a shock I know but I need your help with summin'."

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Lucy was wearing the shades she wears whenever she wanted to go out in public without being noticed... clearly, she needed a better disguise. Especially after everything that happened during the sermon. Not only did she know that was part of a polarizing movement, she didn't want to fall into the trap of a god considering herself above the rest of humanity. The trap that one of the old guard Eldritch, fell into all too easily. But now wasn't the time to ponder about past events. Since an established superpowered her needed her help, who was she to refuse? Especially after the sermon, she felt that she will need to do all the good she possibly can, and get as much good publicity for the Super Freaks as possible.


She took a sip of her coffee, and though you couldn't see it through her circular shades, her eyes darted right and left for a few minutes. She had a secret identity to keep, after all. Finally she whispered, "Sure thing, but can we go somewhere a bit more... private...? I kinda want to keep my powers a secret, 'kay?"


It's a good thing she brought her duffel bag in case she was needed today.

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GM Post
Ms Diamond gave a friendly laugh, she'd been in the public eye for so long including a very public breakdown (thanks to a supervillain's intervention). Though even in a city like Freedom City that loved its heroes she could walk down the streets without being noticed.


"Of cause, I've got a suite in a hotel nearby, we can go there if you'll feel more comfortable?"


Considering the rumour about this woman's extravagance in the past there was a good chance that the hotel was one of the most swanky in the city.

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ASTRO City Labs
Roughly the same time



Being one of the technologically advanced research companies in the city, if not the world, ASTRO labs were often raided by Supervillains of various stripes. So common really that there was a kind of hierarchy of importance of the reporting of such things.


"So I guess this is one of the less important ones?"


Even though Dancia was on the rise, she got to write actual articles rather than just blog posts, but she wasn't insulted it helped there was an alternative reason for being here


"It is if I understand it though it's just industrial waste, and fairly harmless at that?"


"It's also a very rare substance, a product of certain temporal experiments. We store it in case there is a secondary use for it, even if we're not quite sure how yet..."


With so many geniuses in Freedom City that what exactly what Dancia was worried about.

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Once the both of them had entered Dancia's hotel room, she looked around for any security cameras, that might be in their room, got into a position where she was sure nobody would see her, through a window or otherwise. and finally took off her glasses. Due to the... incident at the sermon weeks back, she felt the need to be a little bit more careful than she normally would have. They were exactly as psychedelic as Triakosa was led to believe, and due to Hypno-Hippie's sensory manipulation powers, she avoided eye contact, as she didn't want to accidentally send the one who needed her help on a bad trip.

"Well... I'm turned on and tuned in... but not dropping out. Even though I'd hoped to keep a low profile after... well..." She looks rather downcast for a few moments, but soon, she follows it up, with quiet resolve, steeling herself for the worst, but in that same soft, nonagressive voice, "So... care to tell me what's going on?"

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GM Post
Lucy took a seat and offered one to her guest, pulling out a bunch of paper that she placed in front of her on the table.

"After I recovered from some... issues I decided to pull together all my photo's into one of those coffee table books, when it's done I'll send you a free copy love, looking through some of them were quite a few shocks I can tell you. You know what they say about the 60's..."

She rummaged around and took out a photograph from the file, but for now kept it to herself.

"I was particularly surprised when I came across this image, I'm not sure if I don't remember or that it's something still happening."

She showed the other Lucy a black and white photo that showed a field that could have been almost anywhere in the world, in the front of the shot stood the two of them. The photograph was helpfully labelled Woodstock, New York 1968.

"The strange thing is the festival wasn't until the next year!"

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"Don't have to tell me. I know my history. My grandparents met at Woodstock in 1969," Lucy replied. She had her own theory as to who it was, but she honestly, truly hoped that wasn't the case. C'mon, please don't let it be Tick-Tock Doc. That'd be a major downer. The man's a hippie legend and I can't have him ruining things for people with powers or people in or the flower power any more than they already have been since stuck-up Eldritch took the superhuman divinity thing too far. After a moment of entertaining her worst fears, she reminded herself to try to stay mellow. A hero needs to stay mellow in situations like these. And she really wanted to be a hero, to prove to all that superhuman divinity can have a positive impact on the world. Soon, she began again, "So... what do you think's going on? And what should I be doing in this shindig?"

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GM Post

“Well I can’t say, even if I could remember, this is apparently in my own past.”


She stabbed at the photos showing the subtle differences in clothes and hair that suggested that she was different, even if she hadn’t apparently aged a day since becoming a hero.


“I found a follow up picture and I guess the best idea would be to ask this woman here?”


She showed a similar picture of the pair with an additional woman, who was apparently more reluctant to appear. The African-American woman was wearing a very distinctive costume, the roman style breastplate and cape in honor of one of the greatest superheroes. This was Triakosia, who most definitely wasn’t around in 1968.

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