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Teamup Advntures

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Remember those old team up books where two heroes ended me up to face an enemy? Well, I'd like to do some short adventures that do just that, two heroes that start off investigating separate problems that end with them meeting up to face a single baddie. It also gives me a chance to dust off some of my favourite characters and get them to meet lots of other heroes.


The four series I have in mind are:


  • Emerald City Teamup: Featuring Emerald Spider a Spider-man/Silk type character, and hero of Emerald City.
  • Bedlam Mysteries: Featuring Doctor Thorne a Bedlam occult investigator with a special gift of her own.
  • Freedom City's Finest: Triakosia who is Centurians cousin, and very Powergirl like, who protects the world from threats.
  • Space Adventures: The Traveller, Praetorian and part-time wanderer and all-time troublemaker out in space.


And don't feel that you have to come from the city that the heroes come for to get involved, we can always have one or more of them travel around a little.


If you interested let me know which hero you want to use, and which hero you'd like to fight alongside, along with anything you'd like to explore and we'll see about starting your exciting adventures!

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While I haven't got up my Reputation Chart & 20 Questions Interview as of yet, Pinnacle has just been approved and is based in Emerald City's South Shore, OR.  He is PL10, but as a new hero he'd likely look to Emerald Spider for some guidance on the whole hero'ing thing.

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Im up for throwing facsimile into The None-bedlam ones


How about for a plot hook regarding the space one he turns into light by accident and accidentally flings himself through the wormhole and past CoVic station into deep space.

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I quite happy how well, apart from a little slowdown on my end, these have gone with the amazing wonder of me finishing a thread!


This means that I have an opening from another Emerald City Teamup so if anyone is interested let me know, I already have a sequel tucked away!

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Hell Girl can be any of those places but space. The Bedlam character is right up her alley, with mysticism and supernatural things. But I see Hell Girl as a fun type, so teaming up with Triakosia would work too.


Just up front, I'm here on the weekends, and try to be here on Tuesdays (almost likely) and Thursday (depending on work) 630PM to 930PM Central time.

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