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Ex-Bad Guy seeking redemption

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Hey, first character is in the final bits of character approval and I want to see if there is anyone looking to GM/play with him and his lovely wife!


The idea behind Black Mamba is, as summarized by Exaccus:


"ultimately underneath all that bluster he was once a patriotic solider who wanted to help and do good.

he fell off the path
but the path was waiting when he got back"
I have him ready to seek out the Freedom City Auxiliary and see what he can do to help the greater good. His wife (Minion) is his back up who fixes his armor and provides him a place to live when he's not trying to save the world. She also works on Medical cybernetics and is happy to help other people who earn her trust maintain/build their tech devices. So A couple of options is to either someone to introduce him the Auxiliary as a GM, an already approved Auxiliary PC who can guide him into being a hero and then possible tie ins with other PC's who interact with Akhona.
I'm excited about both of them, so if people want to interact with just one or the other on the side in other threads and times...if that's even a thing, I'm happy to write!
Because it's important, typically I can post 3-4 times a week.

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Hey @Avenger Assembled


I think in the future I will take you up on this :D I want to get through Tiff's thread to figure out how he fits in the Auxiliary and then work it out from there. In the meantime I can work on my second character...and possibly a third, since my games elsewhere are committing Harakiri

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