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The Long Road Home (M&M2e Gritty Fantasy Game)


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I'm just checking around to see of there would be any interest in a game like this.

The Long Road Home


The Long Road Home is a short adventure for 3 or 4 players, set in a grim-n-gritty world not unlike the WHFRP setting. The players will take on the roles of long-term companions and professional mercenaries/crusaders who have been sent by the Emperor to the distant and back-water city of Far Deep to help subdue an uprising of savage marauders. Most of the adventure revolves around the band’s unfortunate journey back to Far Deep after a long stint in the field.

The game will use the M&M2e rules, and the characters will be PL 5 (75 PPs). I will post more about character creation if there is some interest, but potential players should be thinking about creating characters for a dark/grim, low-magic fantasy setting. Non-human races will be allowed (created by buying the appropriate powers and other traits) as will magic items and magical powers, but effects (racial, magical, or otherwise) should be kept low-key, subtle, gritty, and limited . . . but very menacing. Most of the people of Far Deep have never seen a non-human. Though they believe in magic the people of the Empire approach it with an equal mixture of fear and hatred, and rightly so. Magic is as dangerous as it is rare and potent. Character concepts and builds should reflect this. In addition to magical powers and weapons, M&M powers can also be bought to reflect special abilities or character shtick, but these should be limited in nature.


“This is my lucky arrow. It never misses.†- Blast 5 [Extra]


Get the idea? Questions? Anyone interested? Send me a PM, IM, or email and I'll get you more details. :D

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