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OOC thread for this thread. Citizen takes a STAND. On the ISSUES.


@Avenger Assembled


You don't need to roll for this opening part. It's basically just a cold open and splash title page.

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John's telling the truth, so far as he knows it, but is also embellishing the details to dramatize his case. Oluki doesn't believe him and Cheryl doesn't seem too convinced either despite her support.

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Rolling for Notice, Knowledge(Civics/Current Events/HistoryPhysical Sciences) or Sense Motive wouldn't hurt, and checking out the pile of rubble will move things along.

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Notice: 20 with SM

Knowledge (Civics)+10 (trained) 25 with the HP

knowledge (Current Events) +5 (untrained) 9

Knowledge (History) +5 (untrained) 17

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +5 (untrained) 25

Sense Motive: 20 with SM


I'll go ahead and check out the pile once I know what's there.

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