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Thunder King

Robot Dinosaurs In a Museum

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Who: Three PCs, between PL10-12

Where: Hunter Museum of Natural History

What: Robot Dinosaurs!


I'm looking for 3 PCs to find themselves in trouble dealing with rampaging animatronic dinosaurs at a museum. Priority will go to newer players overall. 

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I'm considering adding the Hypno-Hippie in so she can make a proper debut, but I am worried that her illusionary powers will have no effect on inorganic robots, and thus she could end up more of a burden than anything. What do you think?

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Ill selfishly put facsimile forwards cause i really wanna punch a dinosaur and an animatronic so this is like a 2 fer. that said im sure the oppertunities will arise again so im not fussed.


Also @Sylinator


Ya thinking bout it the wrong way Syl!


you might not be able to damage the robots directly with your powers but you have the ability to help contain the rampage and help anyone who might be caught in the museum when stuff goes wrong.


Sometimes fighting the enemy just isn't an option so you gotta do what you can till help arrives


-Leading rescue efforts for folks caught in the rampage, directing paramedics to the injured (which i think you can sense through mind control? IDK.)

-Trying to get to the control room and shut them down.

-figuring out if threes anything else going on whilst this big loud Distracting thing is happening.

-capturing the saboteur, if these things were powerful enough to go on a rampage its likely that they were tampered with, due to the nature of FC, I imagine dangerous things get an extra level of scrutiny (or extra large bribes to help grease wheels.) and they'd be checked and double checked for any glitched or natural faults.

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Yes, but I want to have the opportunity for my PCs to use their powers in some way, and I would think that the only way I can think of by that suggestion, in that using mind control and illusionary and sensory manipulation powers on civilians, even if the intention is to lead them away from the conflict, would be super unethical. But here is not the best place to have that kind of discussion. For now, let's focus on getting people involved in @Thunder King's event.

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Replica is totally on board with fighting robot dinosaurs.


Thanks for giving an opportunity to the newbies, Thunder King. 

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