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Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! [OOC]

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So here's what we've got so far.


Case 1 is HoneyBadger's Igneous and Ex's Facsimile, plus whoever else.

Case 2 is Heri's Miracle Girl & Cubismo's Replica, plus whoever else.

Case 3 is troll's Temperance, plus whoever else.

Terrifica is still available.


The idea was for everyone to sign up IC, but thread's slowed some. So if folks would prefer we can sort it out OOC. Also, I don't plan to run any of these. HoneyBadger's volunteered to help out, but I'd rather not pawn all three off on him(yes, I'll provide any necessary help, but still). So I'd like to not end up doing one or two myself and getting annoyed with bookkeeping again. So...help me out?

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In that case I'll get to work on putting up Case 3 and its OOC thread later today / early tomorrow. It looks like I've got Heritage (Miracle Girl), Pheonix (Terrifica), Tiff (Miss Grue). and Trollthumper (Temperance) (and possibly Cubismo's Replica, depending on which case he decides to join). And I think just to get things moving, I'll take Temperance's suggestion from the IC thread and start you fellas off at a cafe to meet, unless someone voices an objection between now and then. Since Pheonix doesn't have any particular direction for the case he needs me to accommodate, I'll use the opening introductions to, you know, finish making it up :)



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