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Atlantic Ocean

April 9th, 3:00 pm


Over the weekend three ships had been attacked. The sailors had reported giant snake like creatures that had emerged up out of the dark and struck. The sailors had expected to be eaten or for the ships to be sunk. Instead the serpents had plucked cargo containers off the ships and tossed them into the deep. 


Koa had seen the news reports and decided he’d look into it. He’d seen sea serpents before and, maybe Atlantic ones acted differently, but that wasn’t how they behaved. After class he jogged on down to the waterfront and dove in. 

If I keep near the ships coming in and out maybe I can catch these weird sea serpents in the act. 

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Sgt Shark


"Heads up Sarge! Over the target area!"


Victor gave the thumbs up and dove out of the helicopter, straight into the Atlantic. The water cooled and soothed his skin and instantly he found himself in his element once again. The helicopter had taken him into the ocean faster than he could swim which was the only reason to travel that way. Swimming was better in every other aspect. 


He propelled himself down first, past the turbulence of the waves, and then levelled out. Sea serpents would be a sight to see, and pretty much everybody wanted to know what happened to those three ships. Including the British Government. 


No problem. He had thought. 


Then he smelled something. Something shark like. And in the dim light of underwater, he could see too. He swam towards the creature and stopped, floating underwater. 


"Ho! What are you, and why are you here?" he said, studying the creature. His instincts were ready for a fight, but he wouldn't draw blood yet, not till he understood what was going on. He understood well enough the political sensibilities of events beneath the waves, what with the Atlantean incident...

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"Well I'm waiting on sea serpents." Koa gave an empathetic nod. He didn't usually travel in his hybrid form,  but these were huge sea serpents and he didn't want to get caught off guard. Just cause they hadn't eaten anyone yet didn't mean they wouldn't. He'd rather go into this fight, as humans put it "guns blazing." 

Koa watched the newly arrived shark person. He sure didn't look like a wereshark or an atlantean, but Koa wasn't too sure. "Are you a wereshark too?" 

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Sea Devil waved to the helicopter as she passed it by, concentrating on her navigation. This part of the ocean lay beneath the Many-Eyed Sea and might be a gathering place for her people; which meant strange doings there were her responsibility. She was fairly confident, from what she'd heard of these thefts that her people weren't responsible for them - but manifestations of the gods would bring them. And then there would be trouble, if no one was there to keep the peace. She'd left a message back at the castle about where she was and what she was doing, but Jessie was in school today and few of her friends loved the ocean as much as she did.  


She hit the water fast and dived deep, her armor instantly filling with the brackish tang of Mother Hydra's Ocean. It burned some, as it always would, but it was a clean, pure feeling. She opened her eyes and peered outwards, her suit instantly transmitting small underwater movements to her keen senses. She was immediately aware of the nearby figures of Feeding Frenzy and Sergeant Shark; the former of which she recognized from Freedom City (though she'd never gotten to know him) and the latter not at all. Her faceplate opaque to disguise her true nature, she sped over to join the two males, kicking her long, muscular legs powerfully, her body entirely concealed by her glowing green armor. 


"HELLO!" she croaked at them, her voice a booming electronic bass. "I AM SEA DEVIL!

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The Boats had been passing overhead for a while now, as was usual in this part of the ocean. The three heroes looked at one another but before anyone could really say anything more something became apparent to all three very sensitive noses. A moment later, rocketing out of the deep like a torpedo, came two wriggling  serpentine bodies. They would emerge up out of the water about a hundred feet from where the three heroes had gathered. And they would emerge right next to a cargo ship headed into port.  

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Sgt Shark


Victor would have raised an eyebrow, if he still had any. 


"Were-shark? Sea-devil? I am neither of those" he said. "But if you are here seeking sea serpents, then perhaps those sea serpents are the cause of the ships lost here" he suggested, black eyes impenetrable. 


"I am on a mission from the British Government to find the cause of the lost ships. No storms in the area. Three ships lost in good weather means that something fishy is up, if you pardon the expression" he explained, a grin on his face. But then, he had a kind of grin most the time. 


"What are your intents on this matter?" he asked the other two. 

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Sea Devil had no idea what the Shark-Man was talking about - and what was the British government, anyway? It sounded important - but it seemed like a question a Surfacers would be able to answer. She decided to play the voice of experience. "You should be careful. If there are god-things here, they will not like you." Aquaria sighed - it sounded like the shark-thing was another Surfacer in disguise, despite his extremely attractive visage. Weren't they all? "I am going to see what that is!" she croaked, turning and jetting off towards the kraken. 

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Sgt Shark


"God-things?" replied Victor, bemused. He was a man who only believed what he saw, or touched, or heard. A man who lived in the concrete and palpable. Everything else was idle speculation for poets and painters, philosophers and madmen (And, he thought, often all four came in one package). He appreciated art, but it was not blood or adrenaline and made no pretence to be (for the most part). 


"If they do not like me, then so be it" he concluded, fearlessly. 


With that determination made, he swam towards the Kraken...

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