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A Little Bit Of You, A Little Bit Of Me [IC]

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Moira was a guest employee at Silberman's since the beginning of the year. She'd pop in every Wednesday ring the register, but lately she and Lynn had an idea. What if instead of register work, she pulled in customers? She and Lynn talked about it and they both agreed that she would dress up in a costume. For the past two weeks it was successful. More people in the store, more word of mouth, more sales. Good for all.


Not that she didn't get a say in the matter, but Moira generally joyed the work. She would have done it for free, but that's not how businesses work. This week she and Gretchen - the two had mended bridges over the winter months, taking to warmer climes to get to know each other better - had been talking back and forth. They would take lunch break together and wouldn't come back for the rest of the shift.


A few hours later, Moira woke up in Gretchen's room, rested. She hadn't slept this peacefully in a while. No mind talk from the parents. And then she noticed her bracer was gone. That thing never left her arm! She didn't want to wake Gretchen, but Gretchen wasn't there either. hopping up from the comforting bed, she raced to put on a night dress and scoured the apartment. For her bracer. For her lover. For any signs of what happened. And nothing had happened! The only thing rustled was the things that got in the way when they came in.

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Suddenly Lynn appeared in the room with a puff of air, her eyes wide and in a state of extreme anxiety; her hair was somewhat disheveled, with one pointed ear visible, and it looked like there was a coffee stain on her Silberman's apron. Her big brown eyes darted around the room in a panic


"Where is she, where's Gretch?" She slapped her ear repeatedly, as though trying to get better reception. "I can't hear her, she's not in my head! Gretch, baby? Honey? Where are you?" 


Noticing Moira at last, her face went first ashen, then bright pink as the emotions switled inside of her. She grabbed the former Olympian with a surprisingly strong grip. "Where is she! What the f### did you do to her?"

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Moira saw that coming a mile away. She was not about to piss off her fae friend any more than she was. "Lynn," she said softly and slowly, in a concerned tone, "I have no idea what has gone on since we fell asleep." She looked into her eyes, it usually worked. Stepping back again. "Lesser, but almost certainly connected thing, my golden bracer is missing." A quiet fell. Moira was gauging Lynn's emotions, the old fashioned way. She held out her hand, "don't worry. We'll find her."


She walked around the place, "if it's what I think that's happened, and I hope not," she sighed, "I have very persistent enemies. Some that want very little, others that want a lot."

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Lynn stared at her friend for several seconds, nostrils flaring with every breath; finally, she nodded tersely and looked around the room, hands practically clamped to her hips.  "Okay, so this is some kind of Greek god abduction s###? That makes sense; didn't Zeus, like, practically -" She was about to use a very harsh word, but then had to stop herself; recently mortal or not, the Olympians were still Moira's family, and it would be cruel and tasteless to say such things. Also how did she know if Homer and Bullfinch had all their facts straight? Plus the Torah was full of all kinds of stuff she didn't necessarily agree with, but she still treated the Jewish holy book with great respect. Taking a moment to calm down, she nodded to herself and looked at her roommate sheepishly. "Sorry."


Taking a deep breath, Lynn once again took in the room.  "Okay, I'm not sure what all powers you still have without your magic armband, but I at least have an amazing sense of smell; let's see if I can come up with anything." And with that, the changeling dropped into a rather animalistic crouch and began to prowl about the room, turning her head this way and that as she began to sniff for clues.

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