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Ancient Mystic

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Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 6 + 4 = 30PP

Strength 14 (+2)

Dexterity 14 (+2)

Constitution 14 (+2)

Intelligence 18 (+4)

Wisdom 16 (+3)

Charisma 14 (+2)


Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 9 = 17PP

Toughness +2/+8 (+2 con, +6 Force Field)

Fortitude 6 (+2 con, +4)

Reflex 6 (+2 dex, +4)

Will 12 (+3 wis, +9)


Combat: 8 + 10 = 18PP

Attack 4 Base, 8 Spells

Defence 12 (+5 base, +7 dodge focus), 3 flat-footed


Initiative 2

Grapple 6 (+2 str, +4 atk)

Knockback -4, -1 flat-footed, -8 with Carapace


Skills: 76R = 19PP

Acrobatics 3 (+5)

Bluff 8 (+10)

Concentration 12 (+15)

Intimidate 8 (+10)

Knowledge (arcane lore) 11 (+15)

Knowledge (history) 3 (+5)

Knowledge (theology & philosophy) 11 (+15)

Language 3 (Arabic [base], Hebrew, Greek, English)

Notice 7 (+10)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)

Sleight of Hand 3 (+5)


Feats: 13PP

Attack Specialization (Spells) 2

Danger Sense (hearing)

Dodge Focus 7



Uncanny Dodge (hearing)


Powers: 1 + 6 + 35 + 2 + 9 = 53PP

Immunity 1 (aging) [1PP] (curse, divine, magic)

Protection 6 (Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Duration [Sustained]) (Force Field) [6PP] (magic)

Spells 12 (Feats: Alternate Power 11) [35PP] (divine, magic)

Base: Damage 12 (Extras: Range [Ranged]) (Divine Wrath) {24/24}

Alternate: Comprehend 2 (can understand all languages, anyone can understand), Communication 9 (anywhere on earth, Extras: Linked [Mind Reading]), Mind Reading 10 (God Speech) {23/24}

Alternate: Drain Any One Ability Score 10 (Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach, Slow Fade 2 [5 minutes]) (Venom) {24/24}

Alternate: Environmental Control 3 (25ft radius, bright light, extreme heat) (Sun Glare), Flight 6 (500mph, Drawbacks: Power Loss [if immobilized]) (Wings) {23/24}

Alternate: ESP 8 (hearing and sight, 2000 miles) (God Senses) {24/24)

Alternate: Fatigue 10 (Extras: Area [Burst], Flaws: Distracting) (Slumber) {20/24}

Alternate: Healing 6 (Extras: Restoration, Total) (Purification) {24/24}

Alternate: Impervious Toughness 8 (Extras: Reflective [all]) (Carapace) {24/24}

Alternate: Move Object 10 (Extras: Range [Perception], Flaws: Limited [Air], Feats: Freshen Air, Precise, Subtle) (Divine Wind) {23/24}

Alternate: Paralyze 10 (Extras: Range [Perception], Flaws: Distracting, Sense Dependent [Sight]) (Enchanting Gaze) {20/24}

Alternate: Snare 10 (Extras: Area [Shapeable], Flaws: Distracting, Feats: Progression 4 [250 5ft squares]) (Den of Vipers) {24/24}

Alternate: Teleport 9 (anywhere in the world, Extras: Accurate, Flaws: Long Distance, Feats: Easy, Progression 5 [45000 pounds]) (Divine Realm) {24/24}

Regeneration 2 (Resurrection 2 [1 day]) [2PP] (curse, divine, magic)

Super-Senses 5 (Hearing [Accurate], Mystic Awareness [accurate, acute, ranged]) [9PP] (magic)


Totals: Abilities (30) + Saves (17) + Combat (18) + Skills (19) + Feats (13) + Powers (53) = 150 Power Points

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الساحر (The Magician)
Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Unspent Power Points: 0



In Brief:




Alternate Identity: الخائن (The Betrayer, Very Public)

Birthplace: Egypt

Residence: Mobile

Base of Operations: Earth

Occupation: None, Traveler

Affiliations: None.

Family: Probably a lot. But none in particular.


Age: 4400ish (DoB: somewhere near the end of the Fifth Dynasty)

Apparent Age: late twenties

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Ancient Egyptian

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 175 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


A comely fellow with dark brown skin. His body is indicative of someone with a healthy, active lifestyle. He keeps his head shaved. He wears clothes according to where he is, but it looks mostly business; slacks, button up shirt with undershirt, sneakers/trainers, and a coat if it's cold. There are several arcane symbols on his back that one would think were tattoos, but they are markings of the curse. His heroic attire is a black longcoat and boots, as shown below. Along with a black domino mask.




History: Back when the gods were more one on one with their worshipers, they gave them tasks. Some would say to guard things like tombs or fonts of power. This is where his story starts. A font of power given to the pharaoh by a god was to be guarded with secrecy. What the font contained was knowledge and pure power. One of the guards questioned, to himself, that what if man had the knowledge and power of gods? Surely man could handle themselves if they had such knowledge and power.


The guard made a plan to enter the font when no one would know. The gods knew of the plan, but didn't expect him to follow through. They thought that the guard was just someone who wanted power to himself and did not mind his altruistic reasoning. When he walked into the room, they watched him, presence unknown. When he stepped to the font, scorn filled their hearts. When he drew from the font, their wrath flowed forward. He was taken to the realm of the gods in an instant. His name was erased from the hearts and minds of everyone he knew and loved. And they laid a curse upon him. To wander the earth, unsatisfied in his search of knowledge, until the end of days. People would only know him as The Betrayer. And then they let him go. Watching his every move. Letting everyone know that this man was The Betrayer.


Four and a half millennium have passed since that incident. The guard has had much time to travel, undaunted in his quest for knowledge and magic. Most recently, the age of heroes has called him to action. To use his powers for the good of mankind. He'd shown the gods such altruism before, but this era, there was much more to do! Lately, he has been calling himself The Magician.


Personality & Motivation: He's a very personable guy. Looking to talk to anyone who has knowledge, but will make conversation peaceably with anyone. He looks to teach them something, if they stick around after meeting him. The curse tells everyperson he meets, that he is The Betrayer. So first impressions aren't all that great.


Of course, his set motivation is to find all of the information. But he wants to do something with it. He's forgot more than ten thousand scholars will remember, so he wants to pass on this knowledge. Also, helping people in general is good with him too.


Powers & Tactics: The curse has him effectively immortal. He will not age and if he is to die, he will rise the next day. The power he received from the font has grown over the years, from a simple raw blast to being able to summon thousands of snakes and speak with the power of a god. He has devised a few things himself. A protective shield and the sharpening of his senses, both mundane and magical.


Having a very long time to have trained with them, he fights exclusively with spells. If there is a fight to be had, then he will open up with a warning shot. A show of power to cower the intended. He doesn't start off hard, but if it need be he's got a lot of dangerous things in his arsenal.


Power Descriptions: His force field is invisible until hit, where it shows a translucent snake scale pattern. When he is dead, the arcane symbols on his back glow white until he is resurrected. His spells take on two forms. One is snake based and the other is god based. The snake based spells have scale patterns, hissing noises, or a smell or taste of venom. The divine based spells are harder to describe, a crashing of noise, an overwhelming good or bad smell or taste, chaotic patterns.



Cursed: His immortal lifelong geas is to hunt for knowledge where ever it may be hidden. This may lead to hasty decisions.

Gods: Specifically the Heliopians. They are not cool with him trying to steal their gift. They may interrupt at the most inconvenient of times.

No Home: He has not settled down in this era. So he most likely relies on the kindness of strangers.

The Betrayer: Everyone who meets him will know him by this name. Even if they don't know him. How people react to that can be varied.

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