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You Can’t Park Here!-ic

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Saturday April 7th, 2018 

6:00 pm

Waco, Texas 


The Cameron Park Zoo was a point of pride for the city of Waco. Plenty of people used it as a source of outdoor recreation. Since early this morning dozens of people and cars had entered the park and none had come out. This alone would have been concerning. The fact that multiple bordering neighborhoods had been swallowed up as well made it all the worse. No less than a hundred people had gone missing, people had stopped going in, but no one was coming out. 


What had come out was a bear. From a distance, one might assume that it was one of the American Black Bears from the Cameron Park Zoo, perhaps even rightly. Except now it was about three times the size and when it had been approached by police it had breathed flames at them. 


To put it lightly? Not your average day in the park. 


Hyperactive had gotten the call about an expanded park early in the morning. He had at that point decided he wasn’t going to pick a fight with trees. When he’d heard the reports of missing persons he’d decided it might be his issue to fix. When he heard about a bear wandering down University Parks, it definitely became his issue to solve. So he decided it was time to run home. 

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Ms Britannia

Whilst Agnus enjoyed the discovery part of her travelling around finding talent to record in her studio, what she didn't enjoy was having to pretend to fly by aircraft when she could teleport back to Freedom City in an instance. So by chance she was in a taxi when news of the giant bear hit the news, leading to a rather interesting conversation with the driver getting her to drop Agnus off at the edge of the zone.


A quick pop behind a convenient hiding space Agnus became Ms Britannia in a burst of light, and a few seconds later she was in the air looking for whatever had caused this problem.

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