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Campaigns as a whole.


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In light of my recent failure to even get an RP off the ground, being bored and seeing not much has been going on. Understandable, life happens, yadda, yadda. I myself work and struggle to find time sometimes...but...

I'm just a tad curious, no ill means in this message.

When is something going to happen with a campaign? Be it singular, or site-wide. I just want something to happen.

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There are a number of active threads going on is the thing, it's just a matter of getting onboard one of them when they start up.

Beyond that, you can certainly start up your own, you just have to bear in mind things like the setting being used, that's all. As a suggestion, go through the forums and take a look at the sorts of threads people have started up as sort of rough guidelines for your own.

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