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So taking 10 for the last minion on to hit, shifting +2 DC / - 2 accuracy for a "18" attack result. DC 27 Toughness Save. 


EDIT: Actually rereading the last IC GM post I think thats unecessary and cold! 


Instead, laser beaming the submarine, shifting as above for a DC 27 Tough Save. 



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And lo, Mystery Woman makes her entrance, with the ability to CONTROL THE WINDS! Gasp!

She is using the Environment Control part of her Air Control array (not that you guys know all what she's capable of) but essentially anyone attempting to move towards her is at 1/4th movement. Also with the massive high-concentration mini-hurricane she's got going on, she's basically removed the water - at least until something forces her to drop that effect!

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Let me know if you consider Casey's words to be Persuasion or Intimidation, and I will roll.

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Decided to make it an Intimidation check!




Which it turns out was a huge mistake; well, if you have to yell to be heard, you're probably not at your best :P

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