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Okay party people!

Could I ask for people who are trying to approach/be near the submarine within theoretical eyeline to give me stealth checks? I believe that would be both Aquaria and Diamondlight - I believe Miracle Girl is under the water (and thus outside of reasonable catch-a-glimpse distance). 

However, making the assumption that Miracle Girl is keeping eyes on the submarine with X-ray vision, could I get a Notice check from her? 



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For the avoidance of doubt, the distribution of NPCs is currently as follows: 

1 guy ('Barry') at the back of the submarine confronting Diamondlight - about 60ft from the mid-point of the vessel. 


3 thugs going back to back up 'Barry'


8 other thugs continuing to unload cargo of various sorts. 


Mystery Man stood at the midpoint of the ship. Knowledge: Streetwise can be made if you can get a good look at him. 


Mystery Woman apparently bored out of her skull in the hold looking after Mystery Cargo.

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Minions resisting intimidate - 1d20 + 0 = 20

Mystery Man resisting Intimidate - 1d20 +8 = 13


Ordinarily they'd get +2 to resist because they outnumber you - I'm going to call the monstery-ness a circumstance bonus to wash that out. Hilariously, the minions are far more on the ball than their boss, despite him being FAR better equipped to handle it!

At this point we should probably generate an initiative order. 


Minion Group 1 - Normal Guns 1d20 +2 = 16

Minion Group 2 - Laser Guns - 1d20+2 = 22

Minion Group 3 - Back of the Sub - 1d20 +2 = 21

Mystery Man Initiative - 1d20+7 = 17

Mystery Woman Initiative - 1d20+10 = 30

Init Order

Mystery Woman - 30
Laser Minions - 22
Back Sub Minions - 21

Miracle Girl - 18
Mystery Man - 17
Gun Minions - 16
Sea Devil - 7

Diamondlight - 7


(Note, not all in the order are going to be immediately involved in fighting and combat; I'm just getting the inits queued up so I know where they'll fall in later)

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