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First GM Scene - Seeking Players!

Kai Wren

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Hi guys!

Supercape was saying they'd like to play more and as they were kind enough to offer to run something for me right off the bat I thought I'd reciprocate the offer and run something for them!

I've dicussed it a bit with them in private and the basic premise of the scene is that a criminal gang will be moving some dakana crystals into Freedom City, Diamondlight has received a tip-off for this and will be moving in to prevent it from happening! I would like to have another 1-2 PCs involved, because it is always good to have a few people in the mix. 


I'm incredibly rusty when it comes to running M&M 2E, so there might be some fumbling on the mechanics side of things (though what with this being play-by-post it will hopefully be easier than trying to run it face to face as I'm used to). This is not intended to be a super challenging thread; I'm getting my feet wet and reminding myself how mechanics work, but there will (spoiler alert) be some Super-level opposition thrown in the mix to keep things interesting. 

So, yeah, if that sounds like something you might be interested in please post here and let me know! I can then get the thread up and running when I've got an idea of who wants in!

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Awesome, that's two volunteers! Thanks very much guys!

I'm happy to have either Sea Devil or Watchdog as you prefer - I would suspect Watchdog as a slightly better fit, but there is something amusing about the idea of a Deep One rising up to take on smugglers, so there's no way I'll turn that down. 

Heck, with just a little twisting we could have it at a cove near Freedom City rather than at the docks, and suddenly smugglers are interrupting some quiet contemplation time? Just a thought!

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