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So, he's going first!


Hm. He's going to have this Gadget equipped but inactive when he climbs out:

Electroshock Gauntlets 
 Stun 10 (Extras: Linked [Martial Arts] Flaws: Daze) [10PP] (Electricity)


So, for now he won't be doing Stun effect but he can flip it on quickly!


Move Action: Dramatically exit car and close to melee.

Standard Action: Melee Attack! 25

That looks to hit, so she'd need to make a DC 24 Toughness Save. 

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Ranged Attack vs DC 23

http://orokos.com/roll/609492 = 20 

You know what, KD, I am doing this too late at night - have an HP!

http://orokos.com/roll/609493 = 28 well, that helped! 

Okay, well, that's a DC 20 + 5 (for the Power Attack) + 5 for the crit (dunno if the Improved Crit has made it onto her sheet yet, but it's sitting on the bank.)

So DC 30 there. 


Prolly the only good hit I'm gonna get this fight! :D The DC to hit her is now 14, so Power Attack back all you want. 



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Toughness Save: 13. Sigh.

HP Reroll: 22 (12, but +10 from reroll). With the HP you gave me and the ones I've spent, I should be at 2 HP right now. 

Since she's right next to him...no need to move.

Standard Action: Melee Attack: 20. Which looks to just barely hit! DC 24 Toughness Save. 

Since I have Improved Grab.....Grapple Attempt: 27.

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Alright, let's see....


Roll to maintain Grapple: 36. Haha oh wow.


Standard Action: Melee Attack: 22.

She owes me a DC 24 Toughness and a DC 20 Fortitude (limited to Daze).


Surge: Extra Standard Action: Melee Attack: 30.

DC 24 Toughness and a DC 20 Fortitude (limited to Daze).

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