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Rush to Stop the Turkish Parahuman Genocide!


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O.k, so my little adventure is hopefully about to lift off the ground. Here's the general premise for now.

In the country of Turkey, ‘The Unifier’ has taken over and his troops have stared a man-hunt for all para-humans in the area. Stories of his trained troops finding a way to de-power the parahumans and being taken away to who-knows-where haunt any para-humans still left. Little to no news of this has reached Freedom City, only small groups know of it due to one para-human who escaped and came to FC for help, hearing of it’s abundance of powerful heroes. Lacking knowledge of the city though, the hero known as ‘Ratchet’ metal molding shape-shifter, went directly to the governmental offices and called for help.

No one there could directly help, fearing repercussions of getting involved in another nations dispute, so the mayor sent out a call to all heroes. He knew there would be little response, for many were pre-occupied, but he had to do something.

The mayors call was in the form of a letter sent to all heroes and neutral figures with powers or means to stop this mad-man.

’Calling all Para-Humans!

’Turkey has come under the hand of a horrible dictator named ‘The Unifier’. He has amassed a military force of Anti-Para-Human soldiers who have developed a primitive weapon that ‘de-powers’ para-humans. The weakened and hunted Para-humans that he has been hunting down for some time are then taken away for testing to an unknown facility. Help your fellow Para-Humans, stop this dictator before his power spreads! I can not openly condone this, so this message never existed as far as we are concerned. America cannot become involved at the moment, but please, you must do something.’

Done with that. Now, if you're interested post here, with which character/s you will be using.

A few notes...

-I'd like to keep this fairly serious, with a good deal of RPing done.

-Aside from the 'bosses', all fighting with henchmen will constitute 'Closed Attacks'. meaning you can engage and finish off a few henchmen at a time. Just stay within the means of your powers. I'll throw in a few random rolls to keep things interesting.

-If/once approved the 'bosses' will be played by the Ref's. And the 'bosses' aren't going to be a cake walk.

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