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After they arrived at the Rookery, Ashley had quickly changed and left in a discrete car they'd arranged for her to take. Alek had parked The Unkindness, and it was already withdrawn into the garage, nestled safely in the auto-repair bay, robotic waldos moving over it and fixing the minor dents and dings their little outing had accumulated on it. 


The Raven suit was mostly gone, only his under-layer remaining, the belt and armor pieces laid out to be cleaned and repaired. The only piece missing was the cowl itself. Currently, it sat on the computer console, its empty lenses staring right back at Alek's pensive eyes as he stat there, hands steepled in front of his mouth. He was pondering the events of the night, rolling the scenario around in his head. He had no satisfactory conclusions he could make; just questions and half-answers. 


After almost half an hour, he stood and went to shed the under-layer and change into civilian clothes. He needed to talk to his adoptive father; perhaps he'd have the best perspective on some of the jumble that Alek was experiencing right now. He walked up the stairs, the lights going down in the bunker-cave.


The cowl still sat there, shrouded in darkness. Waiting for when it was needed next. 

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