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Codus Immortus: Icy Juice (OOC)

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For this


A few notes:


1. Mr Murk only cameoing in this. 

2. Long tracts on philosophy, ethics, and law encouraged. Especially if dry and tedious. This means I am mainly going to be throwing things for the three PCs to debate carefully and will give a lot of space for this. Which means please nudge me when you want to scene cut and propel forward. (PvP debate is encouraged - as opposed to frank PvP combat!)

3. There will be a lot of Globetrotting here. Wales, London, Belgium, Hong Kong (at least!)

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ok so feel free to banter as long as you wish whilst clearing the rocks. 


And quite how your clear them / burrow into the cave / whatever to get inside, please feel free to narrate as per your wishes!

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Super-Senses 3 (infravision [enhancement: tracking 3 [full-speed]]) [4PP]


with 15PP from Gadgets to enhance it as you like, Cape! Comrade Frost is looking for signs of who broke in here. 


Let me know if you want something more specific - and what die rolls you'd like.

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Ok lets quickly wrap this up - we cant get too bogged down discussing how to travel to Hong Kong. 


Ill scene cut tomorrow. Can you let me know decision on how to travel and well go with that. Its not materially or narratively important!

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