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Codus Immortus: Icy Juice (OOC)


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For this


A few notes:


1. Mr Murk only cameoing in this. 

2. Long tracts on philosophy, ethics, and law encouraged. Especially if dry and tedious. This means I am mainly going to be throwing things for the three PCs to debate carefully and will give a lot of space for this. Which means please nudge me when you want to scene cut and propel forward. (PvP debate is encouraged - as opposed to frank PvP combat!)

3. There will be a lot of Globetrotting here. Wales, London, Belgium, Hong Kong (at least!)

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Giving an HP to Dreadnought to make


Dreadnought - 2 HP - Unharmed


Because of his extreme noticeability / recognisability (and the Hornet's superior intelligence)!


If anyone can make a DC 20 Streetwise roll they can clock that most of the goods in the Warehouse look smuggled (no proof, but the packaging and labels all point that way). 


DC 20 Tech to spot some cutting edge poison-weapons in some cases.

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Dreadnought thinks that we know where sin was last and we should go deal with morgans dilema and we can figure who to punch and poison later.


He doesn't like hornet but beimg greed and ambition drunk make him most likely to be honest until he comes into danger enough to sober him from it or believes we're gonna fail and then he'll save his own hide and wait for the next chance to break out.


So its all about time, sins experiments are in motion, hornet is calculating the odds as time goes by, morgans facing liquidation when its done and none of it will wait.


 he wants to grab a portal and get to holland and not let sin have any more free time.

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