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Mr. Murk


"Ah yes. Morgen. She is an strange woman, young and old. Quite...fierce...." said Mr. Murk, pondering her. "I see visions of her in the future, which indicates I think she will exert her will on the cosmos. And quite a will it is, I think. Not anybody has the strength of will to burn out their own eye. I wonder..."


"Nevertheless, it seems she has immortality now, of a sort. I am not quite sure what sort either. She can clearly hibernate for centuries, and seems to have aged not a day. She so desperately needs some sanctuary in this modern world, and I am pondering inviting her to sign the Codus. But something tells me she will not be bound by any oath or law"


"I would value your assessment on this matter, my friends. Invitation is not an easy thing, for every time it is offered, it runs the risk of the club exposing itself to the wider world which, for now at least, would defeat its purpose of sanctuary"


"As for Doctor Sin, that is another matter again. I daresay he has engineered his defeat in some way and is playing a long game. Do you have opinion on this?"

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"Maybe it was a little petty." Dreadnought confessed with a chuckle as he reclined a little further back into his chair, taking a moment to drink before continuing on.


"But it's like you say, all men bleed, if he's smart he'll take this as a professional difference and save it for the next time we meet." Dreadnought reasoned as he swilled his drink around in the mug


"If he's stupid or petty he'll go after my friends or charity but then i make his life hell for the next couple millenia to remind him that he's a man who bleeds as well." Dread reasoned out "and that i am a man with very little to lose who doesn't get tired or ill who fights crooks like him for a living and benches warships for a hobby." He laughed humorlessly.


"Eh but thats no talk for a celebration!" He huffed merrily and raised his mug to the toast


"Mm might be a hard sell on morgan, im happy to help get her situated if she declines membership...as for the duke, i trust ya judgement and for my part, its wise to keep such as his sort close but not set the table for a snake, ya mileage may vary!"

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Maybe it was how she first encounter the world of man but she had a far more cynical view of people, which had allowed her to survive and thrive in the post-war world.


"Your thinking far too short-term, remember people like the Doctor have the rest of time to plot revenge. As someone once said revenge is best served cold!"


She took a sip of her drink and thought for a few moments before adding.


"As for the Duke I find him intensely annoying, but if bringing him into the order would help put him on a better path then maybe it's worth the risk?"

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"It does not matter," said Frost frankly. "Laws do not exist to bind the lawless, but to provide a code for the lawful. If she signs the Codus then there is a way to deal with her, if there is not then we must leave her to be policed by those less capable of dealing with her. And my friends, she is a potent foe." He thoughtfully placed his hand over his heart for a moment then said, "As for Sin, you may take for granted that he has, what do you say, a plan leading to a plan leading to a trap. But what does it gain him?" He waved his hand, and made a little gesture with his now-frozen glass. "He has what, century of life? More? And still he plays same game of chess, just with new pieces every time. Sad." 

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Mr Murk


Mr. Murk considered the words of Dreadnought, Voin, and Frost carefully. "I am not the master of the Codus, more its book-keeper" he said, dutifully. "I suppose that, as Morgen for certain, and the Duke, mayhap, are immortal then the offer to sign should be brought to them. Although, as you say, Morgen is unlikely to be bound by any code or law..."


"I do not think this makes her dangerous, more...unpredictable. A loose cannon. I shall keep my eyes, such as they are, on her" he said with his inhuman smile. "And not these blind ones" he added, for clarity. 


"The Duke, I think, is ultimately self - interested. Not cruel or sadistic. Far worse than he have signed the Codus, and he is a man of talent. My only concern is whether he would help another in need. Mayhap, if he signs..."


He turned his attention back to Dr Sin. "We shall, of course, have to ensure that Dr Sin is not subject to inhuman torment. I shall see what I can do in this regard. I do not doubt that the law would prevent such torment, but on the other hand, individuals can bend and break laws. In any case, he is playing some scheme, I have no doubt. I will do what I can to find it out, but..."


He shrugged, almost embarressed. 


"There are limits to my powers and influence. My apologies...."


Continued (much later) in...

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