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The Incoming Claremont Class

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Hey guys! 


I am noooot running major Claremont plots this year because I have done enough of that. :D


Which means we should figure out some of what we're going to do with these characters! 


We've got the adventurous Danger cousins, the brother-sister pair of Dakanan monarchs, the turtle totem, the undercover First Daughter and her Secret Service bodyguard - and various others who I do not mean to omit here! 


What should we do with these crazy kids?

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Well, there's the obvious choice of doing globe-trotting, all the sins and weirdness of Earth-Prime's past coming to a head with this generation, barely setting foot in the United States because why would anyone want to do that. That could be even in conjunction with the defeat of the next Operation: Inundation, as SHADOW operatives try to destabilize the world to make it easier for people to accept the prospect of a total takeover by zombies in Nazi suits. 


Also tying into that theme of going far afield, hatching a plan to rescue Mentat and Andrea Atom from the depths of the Terminus' X-Isle.


Alternatively, stumbling upon the Metroverse and getting embroiled in the biggest crime syndicate in the cosmos, its talons leading all the way to Earth and a slowly growing number of privately-owned superhuman prisons whose inmates are intended to create an omniverse-spanning army able to strike and retreat at will anywhere and anytime imaginable.


How about all of them, for their own reasons, needing to discard their famous names, titles and prestigous positions forever in the name of the common good?

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I feel more broadly that theme of loss and recovery could be a good thing for the new Claremont class. After all, one of the common recurring legacy hero deals is often needing to break from the past in some way, and while Freedom City's weird angle on legacy heroes is to have there not be any except for all these specific lines that could be useful for storytelling. The famous name being a liability, the sure thing crumbling right when you needed it most. Most Claremont classes haven't had to deal with that outside a few individuals, like the first Young Freedom's stories with Edge and Midnight.

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Well, there is also the Conundrum plot, which I was going to work on an opening thread for.


I had a few adventure ideas where the Dangers take some friends along for some adventures (likely some during school breaks that would be outside the city/country)

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Well my plans for Janus personally is more of an arc about figuring out who she is. There's a lot of paths that I could go, although I already have a trip to Fortuna for Claremont buddies in the planning sketches, to get lost in the Babylon woods. I'm not SUPER interested in having Janus lose her entire legacy as I've played, well, a lot of characters who start from very little and work their way up to being a full fledged super hero. I'm still doing the struggling super hero thing with Robin and I like that arc for her but part of why I created Janus was to be part of a bigger legacy as I haven't really done that before.


I have zero interest in Janus giving up her names, titles and worldly possessions for forever and will respectfully pass on that particular plot arc. 

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Yea I think the legacy story in alot of ways is here is more about finding a name and place for oneself outside of the shadow of the forebearer.  Ties in nicely to Ashleys history with the raven too and perhaps her eventual rise as patriot 2 electric boogaloo.


So yea I think an overarching plot less about losing the legacy more about defining your place in it.  At least for the legacy type characters.


The other opportunity we kinda have is a bit of the fish out of water as a lot of the characters aren't' from around here or otherwise stand out even among claremont students with teh turtle time ageing and the not actually 16 secrect service agent.  And like Thev said side trips out to more globetrotting type adventures than usual.

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For aspirant I was going to have his home country getting conquered or Coup'd, his family is not an absolute monarchy, more of a largely powerless but culturally important thing so they'd be basically hostages of the new regime, Aspirant would feel its his obligation to liberate his homeland, though weather is from some burning ambition to ascend the throne or a more human "I've gotta help my people!" angle he wouldn't be sure of, something for him to figure out after he's decided weather or not the new way of things is better or not (it'd wouldn't be.) and gathered friends to maybe help him do it one day possibly after graduation.


We'd super it up of course, like some would be super villain (maybe even bad future aspirant?) sweeping in and locking it down, im saving the guidebook page for Ostavia for when I've got asp approved so he can get the point but im happy to share a rough draft anywhere.

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Pacer's constantly time traveling future self causing all kinds of problems for her (and maybe other people) in the present has barely been touched on. I'd like to do more with it. Future Pacer is very much a hero, but she's still Pacer. Meaning she doesn't think things through nearly as much as she should, and unintended consequences happen and she has to fix them. Assuming she even can. Speed can't solve every problem.

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Related to the Legacies, I'd love to do some stuff with Elysian Academy.
I've had some stuff written up for them for quite a while but never got to use it, but perhaps I'll have more luck this go around.

With heroic legacies, their biggest antagonists' legacy can't be far away either...



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For Gauss I've been brainstorming a rival to be the Xavier to her Magneto, some level of psionic character (current brew is a martial artist with touch-telepathy and associated mind games).  Beyond that, I've been thinking her arc would include some frustration as she's not going to be getting any level ups to her powers and instead spending most of the next school year or two training up to be weak (comparatively) but skilled.


I would also be interested in doing a trip to an bad future where she goes all Magneto/Dr. Doom on Puerto Rico given how it can be treated by the government...  I feel like this would be something Aspirant might fit into well, either before or after the Coup thread.

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