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The Battle Roil: Scion vs. Scion(OOC)

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DC27 Toughness save: 22, rerolling:(+1HP to Scion): 31.

DC21 Grapple check: 22.


Her turn: Move Action Trick(-4 to Bluff roll) to try and get Scion to waste her own Move Action arguing with her, Standard Action to fire a mind-bolt of Confuse at Scion, DC20 Will save. 

Bluff roll: 16. -4 makes that a DC12 Bluff/Will/Sense Motive check.

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DC 20 Will Save: 1d20+7 18 That's Bad!




DC 20 Will Save: 1d20+7 15 Why you no like me Orokos? Luckily, that's below 10. so 25 in all.


I don't even need to roll Bluff, since it's +12. Also, move action skills are -5.


Actually, would Attractive apply to that? I mean, she could be all like 'damn I look good, maybe i should do what I say.' :D


Bluff vs Trick: 1d20+12 21. Oh nooo!

Edited by Moira Morley

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DC27 Toughness. Armor has a Device Rank of 4, so 14. Failed by 13. Destroyed, it is now unable to provide full protection to other-Scion, and she loses its +5 to Toughness, +2 to Defence.


Paragons-Scion will use Aphrodite's Charm to try and keep Prime-Scion from attacking: 20. Hits. DC20 Will save to avoid temporarily not being able to attack Paragons-Scion. Move Action of Leaping to another rock floating in space.


Round 3:


Scion-Prime:  Unharmed, 0HP

Scion-Paragons: Unharmed, -5 Tou, -2 Def




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To be fair, she was looking to take it off, not mangle it. But hey, I'm ok with her not having it either way 😁


DC 20 Will: 1d20+7 25



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DC27 Toughness: 24. Bruised DC25 Grapple opposition exchequer: 34. She busts on outta there. And taking it that the narrated jump took up Prime-Scion's Move Action.


Paragons-Scion will use her Standard Action to use Distract(Bluff) to try and goad Prime-Scion into arguing over fighting for a moment: 15. Rerolling (+1 HP to Prime-Scion) 26. DC26 check to not be Dazed for a turn(not from damage, but from dropping her guard for a moment). Move Action to retreat again. Running out of platforms within safe jumping distance.

Edited by Ari

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@Moira Morley I can take it that Prime-Scion is taking herself out of combat? You're not contesting the Bluff check or making a counter-check with Diplomacy or the like?

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