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The Battle Roil: Scion vs. Scion(IC)

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March 15th, 2018, 2.37AM

The Battle Roil, the Red Waste, the Well of Rage



Moira was very rudely yanked from a dream as she was flung through space. 


A strange, powerful hand had her by the wrist and Moira could feel something large, metallic and bulky behind her. The air whistled around her ears and a great black sky stretched from horizon to horizon, broken up by the distant silhouettes of towering spires of red rock. Vast mesas and dark canyons broke up the dreary expanses of red tableland that otherwise ran as far as her eyes could see.


With a jolt the hand securing her whipped out savagely, sending Moira hurtling towards one of the mesas, the pillar of rock rushing to meet her!


Moira for just a moment looked into eyes just like hers, in a face just like hers. As she sped towards the ground she saw that this doppelganger was wearing an ornate suit of brassy armor covered with decorative figure inlays featuring scenes of love and war. She heard her own voice shouting down after her.


"Let's do this, you sloppy piece of copyright infringement! Let's see how comic-book Scion deals with the real thing!"


From her back swung golden wings, and with a roar the other Moira came racing for her twin!

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The 14th was her birthday. So she bashed it out in style. Though despite her legendary carousing, she was getting weary and probably plopped out somewhere. The last thing she remembered was a dream where she and Apollo were swimming and necking. In the sun. And now? This place. She was being attack by herself.


"Damn I look good, but do I really sound that stupid," she grinned. Running forward to meet herself, she blinked on her costume. Red, to match the arena, she guessed. "Speaking of comic books, you have to tell me your tailor after I beat you down." She swung hard with a discus punch, meant to bring the doppelganger to the ground. It connected, but she struggled to bring the armored version of herself down.

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Scion's fist *whanged* off of the breastplate, drawing a derisive snort from her doppelganger. This close, and with less to distract, it was odd how her suit seemed to mirror not a real Greek hoplite but the aesthetically-ancient Greek but structurally and mechanically modern suits worn by the armored genius Daedalus. There was even a very stretchable and breathable undersuit visible around the joints and joins of the metal contraption. As well, the graphic carvings had anything but a hand-made look, with the sleek and precise inscriptions giving more an impression of something machine-etched into the armor.


"Suit's courtesy of Gordon Unlimited, but they don't have the U where you live, do they? Otherwise, how could you walk out the door in that?"


Her off-hand suddenly lashed out, a corona of unfamiliar wine-white light coating it, A second later the all-too familiar sensation of whirling, unfolding and gut-wrenching collapse began to tear through Scion's mind, the struggle to hold onto sanity growing more desperate as Dionysus's power flooded her soul! 

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