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Take Me Down To The Paradise City

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The Paradise, 6PM, March 24, 2018.


Rose had done this for Maybelle before. It was not so successful. She swore if it didn't work this time that... there were plenty of fish in the sea. She just wanted to see her friend happy, and not so obsessed with work. It was fine to a degree, but workaholism was bad! Luckily, Rose knew just the person to wind Maybelle down.


There was a concerted effort, with Rose at the head, to get Maybelle dating. So, right now, in the middle of winter, they would go to some place warm. The Paradise is a 'tropical resort' year round. Which was fine, she enjoyed the warmth better than the cold. Warmth lead to summer clothing. Of which she made sure Maybelle bought. No work clothes, she warned.


Finally, there was the hook up. Rose said they'd met before under inopportune circumstances. And no, it wasn't Greg, again. They would wait in the - very warm - waiting room. There were dressing rooms to get ready for the resort theme.

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Maybelle McQueen did many things. Most of them were either related to cooking or superheroing. …okay, they all were related to cooking or superheroing. It wasn’t entirely by choice, exactly…but she didn’t mind it. She had herself neatly defined as the superheroic chef. She didn’t need anything more than that. Still, her staff worried about her for some reason. Like she was lonely or something. That was silly of them. She spent time with people all day. It was part of both of her jobs. She flew in space these days, fighting the fight with a team of aliens for goodness’ sake. She was hardly a homebody. But a worried staff wasn’t a fully effective staff. So she indulged them sometimes. She’d go out and have a perfectly lovely evening with the kitchen crew. Or the waitstaff. Or have dinner with a friend of one of theirs. It was nice to expand her social circle sometimes. Strange how the latter were always men, though. But it was a chance to visit another restaurant and see what their menu was like, and the company was generally nice. She thought Greg would make some lucky lady very happy one day.


At any rate, here Maybelle was again. It would probably be just as fine this time. Rose had insisted, as she sometimes did, on her boss dressing up for the occasion. Maybelle had flatly turned down the racier options. She was raised better than to show herself off like meat at the market. But this ensemble was both tasteful and didn’t show nearly as much leg as that one red dress did. She’d even styled her hair in something other than the usual ragged ponytail. She felt a bit silly, honestly. She was just meeting a friend of a friend for a meal. It was no big deal.

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Moira, surprisingly, was not that much of a gambler. The Paradise, however, drew her in like a moth to a very warm candle. It was always warm here. And while she could go to anywhere with a bit of help from her godly connections, sometimes she wanted to stay local. Besides, a friend of hers had set something up for her. A date. Something she did plenty of.


The weather wasn't a problem for Moira, she just had to coordinate. Winter wear for winter, summer wear for winter. Now? Here? A colorful robe and a one-piece swimsuit. She saw rose talking to someone across the way. She smiled and waved. That must have been her date. Or maybe Rose's? Wait she looked familiar. Approaching to two with a grin, she looked to Maybelle and then to Rose. Kissing Rose on the cheek, "so, what mischief are you up to, dear?" Rose stood up straight and proper, as she would when she introduced a guest, "Maybelle, this is Moira. Moira this is Maybelle." She smiled, looking to Maybelle, "well, this is the place, and I figured you'd need a companion?"


Moira looked to Maybelle, "long time no see," she said with polite hand out.

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“Moira? I haven’t seen  you since-why haven’t you come back to eat?” Maybelle firmly shook the offered hand. She was always pleased to renew her acquaintance with good people, and Moira Morley was good people. That said, it had been literally months since that…altercation…in the Queen. She was a little put out that Moira hadn’t come back. “I told you our customers aren’t usually so rowdy.” Moira did look fantastic, but then again wasn’t that kind of her superpower? Maybelle didn’t remember. Ah, right. Rose. “Rose, sunshine, Moira and I have met before. You remember those two robbers, a few months back? Put that hole in the roof with, well, me? We teamed up to beat them.” She smiled a bit. Moira was good company, at least. A couple of the men had been kind of boring, honestly. Then again, she was a galaxy travelin’ superhero. Her standards for interesting were probably a bit higher than normal. She lightly shooed her head waitress away. “You go ahead and skedaddle, Rose honey. Moira and I will find a place to sit down and get to know each other better.” It’d be kind of nice to have a superhero friend, Maybelle thought, and superheroes had really interesting life stories to boot.

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