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Monorail Slam


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Saturday, Feb 24th, San Diego...


Gilbert Gibbens was a short man, in an apparently ill fitting suit that seemed to show his sweating body off very well. "I have a condition!" he would explain, wiping his brow with his handkerchief. Sometimes he would sneeze as if to punctuate said condition. He had thinning hair, and looked as if he was in his mid forties. 


He could of course not track down Tsunami, but he had hedged his bets. And so here he was, trying to be patient, sitting in a park which was moderately busy, by a pool, under a tree, having a coffee that used to be hot, but was now getting cold, at midday. 


He had placed a series of cryptic messages and symbols in the local newspapers and magazines. It had cost a small fortune to do so, but he had enough money to meet the need. 


A student of Eastern philosophy would understand. The Sun, at midday, by still water, under wood. Life in the midst of steel and masonry. Stillness admidst motion. 


And so he hoped that Tsunami would get the message. 


He presumed that she would come in disguise, or incognito. But he really had no idea if she would come at all. 


But he was at least trying to reach out. 

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Giang Trang made her way down one of the paths in Balboa Park.  The Asian young woman was dressed in a pair of shorts and a red windbreaker that had the crest for the City of Del Mar on the front and the word "Lifeguard" across the back.  She had a pair of sunglasses on as well. 


She had noted the cryptic messages that had appeared in the local paper recently, pointing towards someone waiting in this park.  Why someone would go to so much trouble was a mystery to her.  She half expected it might be a trap set by her father or one of Dr. Sin's other lieutenants.  But she had taken her time looking around the exterior of the park when she had arrived.  So far she had seen nothing that suggested a trap of any sort.


So she had made her way into the park, looking for an area that met the description of what was described in the messages in the paper.

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Gilbert looked nervous, tapping his feet and throwing his eyes left and right. 


His eyes came to rest on Giang, and he stopped a moment, sizing her up. Of course, Giang was undercover, or incognito, and Gilbert had no way of knowing if she was Tsunami or not. But, on the other hand, she could be. 


He took another rapid, nervous look around, scanning for trouble. He seemed to relax, only slightly, down to the level of merely nervous. 


He gave an equally rapid, nervous smile to her which seemed to be more like a tic, it was so fast. 


He then brought up a newspaper so his face was concealed, and Giang could see the paper. It was the local paper that he had advertised the cryptic message on. Except that, scrawled in thick black ink, was a reasonable diagram of a tsunami....


A signal. 

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