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  • Hex Mistress (not approved)



  • Black Jaguar: anthropomorphic big cat warrior. Speed. Sneakiness. Strength. Claws and Teeth.
  • Some kind of science teacher with a secret identity. Either gadgets or the ability to confuse people with technobabble.
  • Something heroic and hedonistic. Imagine if you gave Ke$ha superpowers and a costume. No idea for powers.
  • A character from a fantasy world who comes to this world from time to time. Sword. Shield. Armor. Magic? Animal companion?
  • A straight up alternate world traveler. Goes to Prime Earth to recruit heroes (and villains?) to help other worlds in peril. A bunch of devices from travels.
  • A Claremont character so me and @John Doe can hang out when he gets some time ;)
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