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I'm going to be moving Kimo (Kanunu) to Emerald city as his base of operations and was thinking it would be a good opportunity to have some snapshots of events and heroics across the country on his travels.  So if 1-2 people are interested in road-tripping  across the country with a perpetually late surfer in his van let me know and any ideas of highlights along the way that would be of particular interest.

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Facsimile'd be happy to go with him, hit up the greasy spoons along the way.


as for highlights, facsimile would wanna look at everything, all those small towns with their tourist traps and attractions


action wise.


Might be a good oppertunity to meet some small time or more corny villains who would desire such ultimately banal items or places as thematic trophies or lairs


maybe a brush with ghostworks, shady government organization that want to use metahumans for various things, they kidnapped facs in An Assimian & you  and me.


or even more relaxed pace maybe a particularly belligerent biker gang could hound them, like from the movie, Anyway but who.

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Pacer's been everywhere, man. She can show him the sights. And Stalwart can tag along as a fellow chill dude.

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Hence why I think it could make a great vignette someday, like maybe in the summer?

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