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New Character idea, New Player


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Hello there, I'm new to these forums and thought it would be best to introduce myself and my favorite character concept before posting it for approval.

I personally am a semi-intelligent ape-thing from the planet earth, notably different from my peers due to my level of calm, cool intellect roughly on par with that of a rabid lemming. I have high hopes that future generations of my species will only be an improvement. I am interested in and studying biology.

My character concept (PL 10) is a new (experimental) fire retardant gel: it grows by consuming carbon dioxide in response to virtually any form of energy (absorbtion 14), eventually denaturing and reverting harmlessly to water and graphite. Due to a lab accident a small portion of it imprinted an extremely complex energy pattern and became self aware, and for all intents and purposes alive. It was flushed into the underbelly of the city, where it has spent the last 3 days growing. It is capable of duplicating many shapes and forms (insubstantial 1, morph 5, elongation) and splitting and recombining in a form of fission (anatomic separation). If it lacks stored energy, it begins to denature (weakness: -1 to all ability scores on a 20 minute basis) and so it seeks out sources of electricity/fire/etc to refuel itself regularly. It doesn't start out as a hero or villain, and I intend to roleplay it's growth from a formless but intelligent potential into a complex and interesting individual.

What do you think?

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Sounds very interesting, golentan. The Absorption idea is especially neat, but you realize that's not only going to be very expensive, but it also counts towards your caps for defense. Just be sure that you have an applicable defense towards physical damage as well. You don't want to get taken out by a guy punching you in the face/chest/amorphous body pseudopod and one-shoting you into unconsciousness.

On the topic of concept, though, I like it. I've always had a soft spot for the non-intuitive characters out there - unsure of how to act around humans, feeling things out through trial and error, etc. It's fun to play, and it sounds like you've got a definite idea in mind. Hope it works out for you.

Oh, and welcome to FCPbP! :)

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I realize how expensive it's going to be, I've done a mock up (not the final version, it needs editing). It's made even more expensive by the fact that it includes physical damage as per the both types extra. If you've ever encountered a hagfish, you know that the slime just keeps growing the more you prod/pull/slap it. Same deal with this gel.

Thanks for the welcome and the validation.

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