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Setting discussion: Atlantis


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In a discussion with Alderwitch, regarding my PC submission, Invictus, she suggested that I start a post in the Character Build forum with regards to Atlantis so that my own Backstory doesn't conflict with setting details or other players own vision of Atlantis itself.


In brief, Invictus' story is as follows; Demosthenes Alexious Pax was the last High King of pre-cataclysm Atlantis, and was responsible for the entombment of Malador the Mystic, who prior to his final fate laid a curse upon Atlantis itself.  With this self same curse High King Demosthenes' soul was severed from his body and imprisoned in a prison within the Astral Plane.  His soul remained there for millennia, until, in service to Malador, one of his apprentice's enacted a rite to gather soul energy and restore her Master to his rightful place as Earth's Master Mage, supplanting his rival, Adrian Eldritch.


This rite had the unforeseen consequence of  creating an Astral Maelstrom that was able to weaken the sigils & wards binding Demosthenes' soul.  He returned to earth, unfamiliar with the modern age, and quickly discovered that he needed a physical form to prevent Malador's apprentice from completing the rite.  He discovered a severed astral thread, and followed it back to the body of Tyler MacIntyre an Olympic athlete who had been in a collision causing him to slip into a persistent vegetative state.  Realizing that the young man's body was only being kept alive due to the life support machines surrounding it he entered the body, his soul becoming permanently entwined within the young man's physical form.


So really, what I am looking for is approval from both Ref's & my fellow players, specifically those whose characters are related to, or involved with Atlantis, to approve the above, or help me tweak it so it fits in setting.  The image I used is likely his costume after he gains access to his royal tomb, the bracers, pauldron & mantle will likely be bought as devices with earned PP as he slowly reforges his connections with these relics.


I really enjoy the above story, and some of the moral implications, and look forward to interacting with my fellow players and would love the opportunity to explore the differences between pre-cataclysm Atlantis & the Atlantis which rules beneath the waves.


I look forward to hearing folks thoughts & opinions on the above!


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Some thoughts - Atlantis probably has a long history. You should feel free to say "Well fashions/architecture/culture changes in 1000 years (or however long we decide it lasted), so it's OK if it's not exactly the same as some previous PC's style. 

If you do want to make things compatible with what we've seen from other PCs, I'd say that in Demosthenes's absence, some cruel tyrant took over in his place and led the people into the barbarism that prompted the nation's fall. (That way there's less reason to worry about the PC that helped destroy Atlantis in the past!) 


The concept makes sense to me. There definitely will be some in-game controversy with his origins but that seems all to the good. 

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