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Praetorians: Between the Stars (IC)


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Interstellar Space

Along the outer length of the Perseus Arm, near the border of Khanate Space

Lor time mark 1795.3 [March 2, 2018 (Terran Calendar)]


The Praetorian spacecraft Kavaca moved along through the dark void of space, currently moving a considerable speed, but not nearly at its top speed.  Aboard the sleek silver spacecraft were several members of the Praetorians.


Ha'li Ca'vur, an independent Grue that typically assumed the form of a Dordant female was at the helm of the Kavaca.  Ha'li, or Hazmat as she was also known, found the sleek Praetorian craft to handle far better than a craft its size should, performing as well as a standard Starfighter might. 


Chlo'zel Elzak, also known as Galvanic, was also on the bridge of the Kavaca, seated at a science station.  The Tempestian was monitoring the Kavaca's powerful sensors as they continued to scan the nearby regions of space as the vessel moved through the parsec. 


Also present on the bridge were Magnetar, who had magnetic control powers and the towering, eight foot tall reptilian Seresk.  Magnetar was seated in another of the chairs on the bridge, handling the vessels navigation.  Seresk was seated in an oversized chair at the communications station, monitoring for any transmissions.


The four Praetorians had been sent out to this region of space near the Stellar Khanate to help patrol the area around several systems that had declared independence from the Stellar Khanate following the Incursion.  For some time this region had been in considerable turmoil, with numerous pirate groups operating in the area, not to mention the power struggles within the Stellar Khanate.  With the independent systems aligned with the Coalition worlds, the Praetorians had offered their assistance in protecting the region, working in conjunction with the Star Knights to help patrol the area and deal with any threats. 

Currently the region seemed to have stabilized some, the numbers of pirates seeming to have dwindled.  But that did not mean that the patrols of the area had stopped, even if they had started to become generally less eventful.


"Bring us around to heading mark 5."  Magnetar stated to Hazmat.  "That will take us toward the Alurian System.  Anything on sensors?"  He asked Galvanic.

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The young shapeshifted Grue ran her slim, yellow fingers across the controls, cutting power to some of the ship's thrusters and adjusting the output of others.  She still marveled at Kavaca's capabilities, with few doubts this ship was the most nimble she had ever had the occasion to pilot.  "Adjusting to heading mark 5," she replied.  A small part of her had wanted to pull a tighter, more violent turn to test the ship's paces but she held back if only because she understood doing so would have likely annoyed virtually everyone else on board.

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Galvanic was reclined back in her chair, slumped backwards from the console, looking mildly bored. She was a Praetorian, but had never had much stock for a formal chain of command and procedure. Besides, she didn't like to touch the controls too much. If startled she could potentially blow our the circuitry. Every so often she'd flick her eyes down, taking in the data and readings with a trained but disinterested eye, before resuming being bored. 


"Sensors clearempty," she said to Magnetar, sweeping her eyes over them for what seemed like the five hundredth time. She fiddled with some buttons and dials, double checking, but still coming up with nothing. "Been too many sols since eventsanything happened."

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