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Red Lynx ( PL 10 ) - Angrydurf


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Red Lynx
Power Level: 10 (157/166PP)
Unspent Power Points: 9PP
Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -
2 Damage, -1 Defense / +1 Toughness


In Brief:  Dakanan Prince taking a more 'personal' approach to aiding the less privileged nations.


Theme: The Message


Alternate Identity(Secret outside Dakana)
Birthplace:  Dakana

Residence: Dakana Royal Palace, Claremont Academy
Base of Operations:  Bayview
Occupation:  Prince & Student
Affiliations: Dakana Royal Family, Claremont Academy
FamilyM'Balla (Father), Asma'u (Mother), M'Zale (Grandfather), Ubasti (Grandmother), Àjàṣorò Tafari (Twin Sister), Baako (Half-Brother)


Age: 18 (DoB: 12th April 2002)

Apparent Age: 18
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African (Dakanan)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Dark skinned and powerfully built Kamau looks every bit the part of Dakanan Royalty.  With an athletic frame and well defined musculature he evokes a distinct bearing of controlled power and moves with a sure grace.  A strong jaw and broad features continue that trend though his eyes have a thoughtful and considering cast.   He attempts to school his features into an implacable mask fo royal propriety but is easily given to an all to boyish grin revealing nor at all regal dimples.  He wears his hair shorn in a tight fade on the sides with a crown of tight 'locks coiled above.  He usually dresses to suit the occasion though when given to leisure prefers utilitarian workout clothes.  In costume his augmented suit is a deep almost black crimson with the interwoven daka crystals flaring to a bright red when struck with force.  Vitals are covered with hardened plates of lightweight composites  that gives the central torso an articulated appearance but leaves his range of motion free.  He's stylized the armored helmet with high peaked 'ears' and a feline shape to the visor to better strike fear in the hearts of 'cowardly and superstitious' villains.


Kamau is the second born of twins, children of King M'ballas second marriage.  As such he has been afforded every benefit growing up the wealth and power of his upbringing grooming him to be a leader and perhaps eventual White Lion. It also instilled in him a deep feeling of responsibility for both his nation and his fellow man throughout the world.  Unlike his (As she is quick to point out, elder) twin he has always taken  a keener interest in his home country and it's heroes the White Lions and other champions throughout the years. 


As he grew  he began training with the palace security in addition to his tutoring in assorted skills believed necessary for a prince and potential White Lion.  Kamau excelled in most tasks put to him with a natural talent and easy confidence in his ancestry.  Despite this, or perhaps because of it he has always approached his tasks and lessons with a certain careful and collected care.  Both to avoid unintended consequence and to ensure success through application of his skills and abilities.  


When it came time for the challenge of the White Lion he fully expected he'd emerge the victor.  Though his half brother was powerful he was reckless and easy to manipulate.  Kamau's own sister had little more than passing interest in the title.  While evenly matched in many of the trials when the final challenge came Kamau held back unwilling to commit lest Baako seize the power of the White Lion.  In the end this proved his undoing.  His sister acted unhesitatingly sizing opportunity when presented and carried the day.  For some the failure at the trial may have soured their opinion of the winner or caused a crisis of faith or confidence.  But Kamau felt something more akin to relief.  He had pursued the position out of a default feeling of responsibility not out of any surity he was the right person.  In truth he saw almost immediately the wisdom of the trials construction and that his sister was best suited for it took much more than strength of body or mind to be hte White Lion, or in this case the White Lioness.  


Kamau joins his sister at Claremont, seeing attendance at the Freedom school as an opportunity to not only learn from the americans but help them to clean up their 'crime ridden' streets and corrupt institutions.  


Personality & Motivation:
Kamau affects a friendly and gregarious persona for public events a skill he has developed over the course of many state events from childhood on.  In more private settings he's more withdrawn with a more naturally dry wit and quiet confidence until an area of particular interest draws out enthusiastic, and at times exhaustive, discussion of the topic at hand.  As Red Lynx Kamau takes on the collected personality of the dark avenger his voice a low growl and a carefully curated body language to evoke fear in criminals and unsettled gratitude in innocents and law enforcement alike.  


Publically Prince Kamau is a strong proponent of his fathers policies of inclusion and action outside Dakanas borders.  The nation has power and wealth and the responsibility to use them for the betterment of the world as a whole.  This is not to say he is ignorant of the geopolitics his nations long isolation and how it effects modern attempts at involvement.  In part this is why he was eager to leave Dakanas borders.  He disagrees with the Isolationist old guard and imperial ambitions of some of the Red Hyena but also feels more must be done on the ground not only through economics and soft power but by citizens of good intention doing what is in their power to bend the other nations toward greater equity.  He takes this duty seriously as Red Lynx to strike out against injustice in his adopted home of Freedom where despite the benefits afforded the citizens of the US many still find themselves victims of corruption or criminal enterprise turning ht tools of freedom to personal gain.


Powers & Tactics:
Lynx fights with a tactical efficiency born of his training with the Dakanan security forces.  He approaches a potential conflict with tight focus on ending it quickly and with minimal collateral damage using the environment and keen tracking of his environments to give himself the advantage.  Preferring to strike from unexpected directions he avoids direct confrontation until the time of his choosing whenever possible then attacks with single minded determination to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible.  Utilizing his superior athletic abilities and training he's willing to stand toe to toe with an enemy to buy time if that is what is required or distract and draw an enemy to a battleground of his choosing denying the enemy the ability to use innocents or property damage against him.  


Power Descriptions:

Beyond his physical training and conditioning Red Lynx utilizes advanced technology from Dakana for his efforts fighting crime abroad.  In addition to his armored suit he uses a pair of Marungu.  The throwing clubs are similar to those utilized by many Dakanan security forces and made of advanced alloys lightweight and strong, well balanced for throwing or striking.


The Hero Formerly Known as Prince:  Kamau is a foreign Royal operating as a secret vigilante on U.S. soil.  International incidents are not out of the question.

OLDER Sister:  His elder twin is the White Lioness, and in his school, here enemies will be his enemies as well as the reverse.

The World is a Mess and I Just Need to ... Rule it:  Kamau see's the world outside of Dakana as less civilized and a little backwards.  This can get him in trouble when he acts unilaterally for the good of "the people" regardless of authority.

Keep it in the Family:  Kamau's half brother Baako, as well as Ubasti sometimes put their politics into action, with fists.  Kamau and his sister are likely targets.

Abilities: 14 + 14 + 14 + 14 + 14 + 14 = 84PP
Strength: 24 (+7)
Dexterity: 24 (+7)
Constitution: 24 (+7)
Intelligence: 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 24 (+7)
Charisma: 24 (+7)

Combat: 14 + 12 = 26PP
Initiative: +5
Attack: +13 unarmed, +11 Melee, +7 base
Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +18
Knockback: -5/-3

Saving Throws: 0 + 3 + 3 = 6PP
Toughness: +10 (+7 Con, +3 Armored Costume)
Fortitude: +7 (+7 Con, +0)
Reflex: +10 (+7 Dex, +3)
Will: +10 (+7 Wis, +3)

Skills: 48R = 12PP

Acrobatics 7 (+14)

Gather Information 2 (+9)

Intimidate 7 (+12)

Knowledge: Business 3 (+10)

Knowledge: Civics 3 (+10)

Knowledge: Streetwise 3 (+10)

Language 2 (Dakanan [Native], English, Spanish)

Notice 7 (+14)

Sense Motive 7 (+14)

Stealth 7 (+14)

Feats: 16PP

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Focus: Melee 4

Attack Specialization: Unarmed 1

Benefit 2 (Diplomatic Immunity, Wealth)

Dodge Focus 4

Eidetic Memory

Hide in Plain Sight

Jack of all Trades

Quick Change



Powers: 4 + 4 + 5 = 13PP


Device 1 (Armored Costume; 5 PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose;) [4PP] (Technology, Daka Crystals)

Protection 3 (Absorptive Armor;) [3PP] 

Immunity 2 (Shock Plates; Critical Hits) [2PP] 


Device 1 (Marungu; 5 PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose; Feats: Multiple Weapons 1;) [4PP] (Technology)

Damage 2 (Strike; Feats: Mighty, Thrown, Split Attack;) [5PP] (Bludgeoning)


Container 1 (Training and Conditioning; 5 PP[5PP] (Training)

Enhanced Feats 1 (Situational Awareness; Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [1PP] 

Immunity 2  (Conditioning; Starvation/Thirst, Need For Sleep; Flaws: Limited [Half Effect]) [1PP]

Leaping 1 (Acrobatic Leap) [1PP]

Quickness 1 (Efficiency) [1PP]

Speed 1 (Sprinter) [1PP]

DC Block

ATTACK                RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed               Touch        DC 22 Toughness                Damage

Marungu (melee)  Touch        DC 24 Toughness                Damage

Marungu (Thrown)Thrown     DC 20Toughness                Damage




Abilities (84) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (6) + Skills (12) + Feats (16) + Powers (13)  = 157/166 Power Points


Edited by Thevshi
+1PP for Oct 2021
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I don't think so?  I see the training being alot more about technique and style than him having like an exceptionally long stride or particularly springy tendons or whatever.


Chat discussion seemed to veer towards that sort of container not really being applicable to innate.  Though with some discussion of the low rank powers as feats approach in the masterminds manual but I know we haven't houseruled that at this point.

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