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Alright, so the plan essentially is for Zyte to set up in a concealed position far away, so he'll get some papparazi style shots of the exchange/talking but not more than that

Suggestions for this:

Nearby buildings (hotels)


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Alright, so: Illusion 7 ( SmokeMen; Visual Senses , Extra: Sustained ) {21+4=25/27} (Smoke)  + Concealment 2 (Visual Senses) {4/27}


To create multiple illusions of Bonfire in the area he was standing, while he runs for cover on a nearby empty bench (it's a park, I assume there's some)

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Chill Pill will jump in and flash freeze!


DC 20 Reflex Area saves and Reflex Snare saves


Lazy Reflex Rolls: 6#1d20+4 13 6 17 17 10 23


So all but one get frozen. The survivor will open fire on Chill Pill reflexively with an automatic pistol: Opens Fire on Chill Pill: 1d20+5 11 missing, but still enough to enrage Chill Pill!!!


The two "frozen" Bike riders are essentially snared. Whilst they have a STR of 14, it will be some effort to break free from a snare 10 effect so I am going to waive that for now. 


Round 2


19 - Bonfire - Unharmed - 0 HP

8 Chill Pill - Unharmed

5 Quad Bikes [1] - Unharmed


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