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Power Level: 10 (150/152)

Unspent Power Points: 2

Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage (unarmed), +4 Attack / -4 Damage (boomerangs), +5 Defense / -5 Toughness


In Brief: A young inventor on the verge of becoming a mad scientist. But for good or evil?

Catchphrase: Nemo est supra legem (No one is above the law.)

Theme: turbulent piano music


Alternate Identity: Anthony Maurice Edwards III (Secret, legal name), Tony (Secret, shortened name), Dr Science  (Secret?, what people instinctively call him), Rang (Public, hero name)

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

Residence: Claremont Academy

Base of Operations: Freedom City, New Jersey

Occupation: None, high school student

Affiliations: Claremont Academy, Science!

Family: Anthony Maurice Edwards (Dr Zero, great grandfather)



Age: 16 (born February 2002)

Apparent Age: adult

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 275 pounds

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown


Tony is huge for a boy his size. Genetically gifted in height and muscle. Although he does work to maintain it, he's not got a bodybuilder's physique. His skin is a darker tone. He wears his hair in a crew cut. He looks to be always thinking. Head down, furled brow and while not frowning, he doesn't smile very often. Most say when he smiles it's pretty unnerving. He walks with a shuffle. People into that always tell him to pick up his feet. When not in hero gear he wears a bit of casual stuff. slacks, loafers, belt, button topped shirt. He doesn't have an official costume, but he does have goggles (which he some times wears when not in hero gear), a lab coat, long boots and gloves. He wears his bandoleer of boomerangs across the chest, where they are easy to draw.


History: Doctor Anthony Maurice Edwards was one of the most brilliant scientific minds of his time. He was also a black man before civil rights. No one ever gave him the chance to use his brilliance for furthering mankind, so his heart grew cold. Cold enough to build a reputation as the villainous Dr Zero. The Crime League supported his endeavors as long as he pulled his weight. So Dr Zero showed them all! He lived a long life and went to Canada to retire where he died in a snowmobile accident... OR DID HE?


Anthony met a woman, Jane, who shared his love for science. Anthony and Jane lived in Canada, where they raised five children. But Anthony was feeling his age by then. He knew he was going to have to find another way to sustain himself. He and Jane figured out a way to save his prodigious brain. So while Anthony's body died, his mind did not. The accident was set up. His mind was already in a jar in a secret facility. Now his genius would live on forever through his offspring. He made sure of it. Influencing them into scientific fields.


A couple of generations later, Anthony Maurice Edwards III was born. The boy was a hoss. Strong and equally graceful. He was the type that sports teams would kill to have. And he did think about it for a while, but not if his great grandfather's brain would have any say in it. And he did! Like many of his offspring before, he guided the brawny athletic kid into the scientific route. Though unlike others before, the boy had the spark. He focused in all sorts of scientific fields, but technology and physical sciences were his master pieces. Also, he could work a machine. the brain that was Anthony Maurice Edwards was pleased that Dr Zero II would be on the horizon.


Unfortunately for the brain, Anthony's parents saw his madness spawning. They worried for their son.  He was building boomerang weaponry. While he always loved the boomerangs as a kid, this was still troubling. They thought he might be having villainous thoughts. So, they sent him to Claremont to clear his mind and give him heroic direction.


Personality and Motivation: Tony is not the cackling genius bent on world domination just yet. And he may never become that. But the ideas given to him by his great grandfather are just too fun not to try out. Growing up he always loved the boomerang and the paper airplane, the more technical it got the more he was interested. While he did try out for sport, it did not keep his interest for long. He was and still is all about the pursuits of the mind. He'll pay more attention to the math quiz than the cheerleaders, homework than parties. He will do social pursuits and other things, as long as his mind is challenged.


Powers and Tactics: Rang uses several types of boomerangs as offense. He also has an experimental propulsion device that looks like a boomerang. He can punch very precisely and very hard if robbed of his favored weapon, but he prefers to fly around and pelt villains with his beloved invention.


Power Descriptions: The bandoleer of boomerangs is made of a leather metal alloy that wraps around his chest and back and around his waist. it hold small metal looking boomerangs that he loads with cartridges and lets fly at his target. They enlarg and do various effects when hitting the target (covering them in glue, injecting a small amount of poison, flying around annoyingly). Being boomerangs, if they miss they can come back and try again one more time.


The hover rang is a propulsion propelled flight board. At first it could only float downward, but he's rigged it to fly at slow speeds. It has straps to hold the rider on.



Body by Genetics: He's vain in that way. While birth blessed him with physicality, he likes to keep his body in shape.

Dr Zero: Dear old great grandpa is in his head sometimes. He convinces Tony to do things in the name of scientific effort. No matter what the cost.

Foreign Exchange: He's from Canada. On a student visa.

Girls: He likes girls. But he doesn't like fighting girls. If the villain he's fighting is a woman, he will go path of least resistance, maybe even just defensive, until he can hand it off to someone more qualified.

Myopia: Without contacts, glasses, or his goggles, he cannot see great distances or small print.

Science: Oh boy howdy does he love numbers and formulas. Sometimes this effects his speech and makes him hard to understand. Also, he gets pegged as a nerd three seconds into any meaningful conversation.


Abilities 10 + 14 + 10 + 14 + 0 + 0 = 48PP

Strength 20 (+5)

Dexterity 24 (+7)

Constitution 20 (+5)

Intelligence 24 (+7)

Wisdom 10 (+0)

Charisma 10 (+0)


Combat 10 + 10 = 20PP

Attack +15 unarmed, +14 boomerangs, +8 range, +5 melee

Defense +15 (+5 base, +10 dodge focus), +3 flat-footed


Initiative +7

Grapple +10

Knockback -2


Saving Throws 4 + 2 + 6 = 12PP

Toughness +5 (+5 CON)

Fortitude +9 (+5 CON, +4)

Reflex +9 (+7 DEX, +2)

Will +6 (+0 WIS, +6)


Skills 52R = 13PP

Acrobatics 3 (+10)

Craft (chemical) 13 (+20)

Craft (mechanical) 13 (+20)

Drive 3 (+10)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 3 (+10)

Knowledge (technology) 13 (+20)

Language 1 (Latin)

Stealth 3 (+10)


Feats 32PP

Attack Focus (ranged) 3

Attack Specialization (boomerangs) 3

Attack Specialization (unarmed) 5

Dodge Focus 10

Eidetic Memory



Luck 2

Power Attack

Precise Shot 1

Quick Draw 1

Ultimate Effort (Design and Construction checks) 2

Uncanny Dodge (auditory)


Powers 21 + 4 = 25PP

All powers are technology


Device 5 (bandoleer of boomerangs, hard to lose; Feats: Restricted [password {int check 17} to access]) [21PP]

Blast 6 (BOOM Rang; Extras: Area [Burst]; Feats: Alternate Power 5, Progression 2 [Area, 30ft-150ft]) [25PP]

Blast 6 (Rangs-A-Plenty; Extras: Autofire; Feats: Homing, Indirect)

Blast 6 (Sharp Rang; Extras: Penetrating; Feats: Homing, Indirect)

Dazzle 6 (Whizzer Rang; auditory and visual; Feats: Homing, Indirect)

Fatigue 6 (Poison Rang; Extras: Range; Feats: Homing, Indirect)

Snare 6 (Glue Rang; Extras: Contagious; Feats: Homing, Indirect)


Device 1 (hover rang, hard to lose) [4PP]

Flight 2 (25MPH; Feats: Subtle)


DC Block

Unarmed, +15 Melee, DC 20 Toughness, Damage

BOOM Rang, Burst Area (30-150ft), DC 16 Reflex then DC 21 or 18 Toughness, Damage

Glue Rang +14 Range, DC 16 Reflex, Snare (Contagious)

Poison Rang, +14 Range, DC 16 Fortitude, Fatigue

Rangs-A-Plenty, +14 Range, DC 21-26 Toughness, Damage (Autofire)

Sharp Rang, +14 Range, DC 21 Toughness, Damage (Penetrating)

Whizzer Rang, +14 Range, DC 16 Reflex then DC 16 Fortitude, Dazzle (auditory and visual)


Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (13) + Feats (32) + Powers (25) = 150/152 Power Points

Edited by Fox
+1pp for March/April 2018
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Hey JD, character is looking good.  I only see one small issue.  Uncanny Dodge (Mental) will not help very much, as Rang only has the very basic mental sense (which has no range, and therefore cannot warn him of danger until it has already hit him).  Would be better to make this visual or auditory.

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