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Praetorians: Teamwork Discussion

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So Ive been wondering to myself in the various threads moon-moth has been in how i could best work with the various praetorians he's been assigned with to a mission, according to @Thevshi the original Praetorians which is to say the ones from the ancient Delazri empire, have been working together for around four years before the original communion incursion so i imagine they've learned a few tandem strategies between each other over that time.


Not to exclude the Modern praetorians either, i feel like working together is a primary focus in the team selection and mission assignment so it would've been something talked about and worked on.


So to ask more plainly; What would you be looking for from your team mates in general?

with moon-moth i have tried to put a certain focus on interferance of the enemy strategy but i feel like there are more specific tactics he could be doing to better synergize with you and your praetorians playstyle and strategies.


This is a general thread of course for all praetorian tactics.

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This is a good thing to get started Ex!  Thanks for doing so.

To just clarify the timeline a little bit:


Paradigm; Moon-Moth; Traveller; Seresk and Magnetar (and Kharag, Dragonid and Elite) all joined the Praetorians at roughly the same time 2000 years ago.  As Ex indicated, they were members for about four years before the ancient battle with the Communion.  Puigo would have been a member well before they were, while Spectra’s joining the team is a bit less defined, likely sometime after the Paradigm/Moon-Moth/Taveller group, but certainly before the final battle.


Cavalier has been working with the team since shortly after the Incursion, so about three years, while most of the other new members (Hyperslice, Queenie and Galvanic) have been with the team about a year or less.

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I've been thinking about this myself.  I'd love to have actual battle plans, if we can come up with any; at the very least, heroes who've worked together for years now should have a general idea of how their abilities and tactics work best together. 


Concerning Puigo, I talked a bit in his fluff about how he's trained to support his teammates.  Those 3 ranks of Teamwork should be useful--and he'll also combine Acrobatic Bluff with Set-Up to feint for other characters.  I see this working best with a strong Damage-shifted character, or anybody with Power Attack. 

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So we can safely assume that in 9/10 cases puigo would like the next heavy hitter to act after him in the order of initiative to attack his previous target, moon-moth doesn't have much of a trade off but if he sees an opening he'll take a power attack at it unless theres someone with a bigger trade off or power attack going immediately after him.


On the subject of initiative i'd like to get some team-attacks off with moon-moth, the thing where you all drop to the same initiative and attack together kinda deals, i feel like it would be a good habbit to get into.

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Well, as I was thinking about this more, we sort of need to think about two different types of teamwork tactics: that which is used on the ground and that which is used in space, as there are some differences in what can be done in those two areas.


To help us with this discussion, I thought it might be good to set out how the current members generally fight, that is, are they primarily melee, or ranged or a hybrid.  This is my general take on things, based on their character sheets, if someone feels their character falls in a different area let us know.



Paradigm:  Primarily designed to get in there and duke it out.  Has +18 melee damage and comparable toughness (with 15 Impervious).  She does have a very long range, accurate ranged attack (heat vision +12 damage), so is not completely without ranged attacks.

Barrier:  Only has a melee attack, but is designed defensively (can teleport to allies to support/protect them) and can use create object to form barriers to separate/trap combatants.

Hyperslice:  Several melee attacks (with lots of speed to get anywhere she needs to), including a large targeted selective area attack (speedster zipping around punching everyone type of attack). 

Puigo:  Only melee attacks (on the ground), designed to be harder to hit and as Blarghy stated, good at setting up opponents for others to follow up on.

Seresk: (NPC)  Melee fighter (with a bit of reach on his tail).  Damage and toughness shifted, often uses his interpose to protect allies and innocents. 



Elite: (NPC) Primarily melee, but with some ranged/area attacks.

Cavalier:  Both ranged and melee attacks.  Slightly more weighted towards ranged, but good at both.

Hazmat: (pending approval)  Has both a melee and a shapeable area attack. 




The Traveller:  Only put here because she has far more ranged attacks than melee, but she has a solid strike attack to make her good a melee (with a linked paralyze effect).  She has a solid blast and stun attack at +12 and versions of each that are autofire or burst area. 

Moon-Moth:  Has a blast and snare attacks, plus create object that can be used to create barriers or trap opponents.

Queenie:  Ranged focused attacks (blast, move object) and also has create object for trapping foes/creating barriers.

Spectra  Primarily ranges attacks (a blast (will save based), mind reading (for mental grapple) and damaging Illusions), but does have a strike (also will based save) that can be thrown.

Magnetar:  (NPC)  Ranged attacks only, damage shifted. 

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