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On the way to a gig [Vignette]

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This was the only thought Lullaby had as she rested her back against her rubbish apartment hastily bought by her mentor. She dearly wished to see her again, and perform a duo act together. Lullaby giggled to herself, remembering the comedic moments, now nothing more than faded memories. She pushed herself up as she looked at the Dancing Dress she was given by Zanora. She had performed one gig at a café, practically taking all the money the café had to offer, before giving half of it back. Her smile of that time was removed and tears took its place as she remembered all the Villains. She dropped onto her bottom as she sat alone in her dusty apartment.

She had lost all the money every time she got some. Villains kept bullying her, knowing she was an easy target that carried money most of the time. It didn’t help that Lullaby was almost defenceless when she was outside her Dress. She held up her right hand as a musical note popped into the air. She dismissed her power, and the note disappeared.

It was 9pm, half past 9 is when her next gig was. Lullaby considered how to shake off the bullying villains as she stepped outside. She stepped outside, onto the streets of Freedom city, with her Dancing Dress in her hold all bag.

“Freedom city…nothing here is free, only the inhuman are†Lullaby sighed. She knew full well that her alter ego, which she became when she wore the dress, would disagree. But then the actual songstress who Lullaby shares her body with is definitely light hearted.

“Something wrong Lully?†whispered her suit.

“Yes†Lullaby admitted.

“Dear, what is it? I don’t like it when my only way of seeing people again is through an upset body†The suit whispered back to her.

“How do you know? You are pretty and have a perfect voice. I’m only useful because I can become incorporeal and throw musical notes of doom†Lullaby moaned, a faint smile popping onto her face as she remembered her power. The musical note power, whilst not as effective as some other powers, was always a giggle to use.

“Lully, you are vitally important to me. I can’t really explain why, as the truth usually destroys peoples minds! But know this, I will not desert you, neither will I leave you because another girl looks prettier. You are special bu-“ her suit said, suddenly, it stopped. Then it resumed, its voice urgent.

“Lully, I think the bullies are back. Quick, get changed†the suit urged, but by then it was too late. Firm hands grabbed her as the usual villains, really really pathetic ones who didn’t dare try and improve their standing, grabbed her neck. Without any indication, Lullaby snapped. She did not like to hurt or attack people, but this was a desperate time.

Without a word, Lullaby quickly materialized a musical note and threw it at her attacked. Her wasn’t even aware she could attack in her normal form, and let go screaming as the musical note bit him in the arm. Lullaby giggled at the note, she was never close to see how a note could hurt, and now she was. She picked herself up and threw another one as the villain dislodged the first. The others stood, gawping at how a little girl was defeating one of them. Having stunned them all, Lullaby picked up her bag and fled. She criss-crossed this way and that, trying to shake off the Villainous thugs who usually gave chase as she dived into the depths of Freedom cities slums.

“Freedom city, what a lie. There’s no freedom at all, not for me†Lullaby thought sadly as she vaulted over fences towards her gig.

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